How To Track Your Assets With The Best Asset Tracking Software

If you’re a business owner, you know that tracking your assets is essential for keeping your business running smoothly. The truth is, asset tracking can be a daunting task for small business owners. But don’t worry, there are tons of great asset tracking software options out there that make tracking your assets easy. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best asset tracking software options out there. I’ll explain what they do, how they work, and help you decide which one is best for you.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software is a computer program that helps business owners and managers keep track of the assets they own. Asset tracking software can be used to track a company’s physical assets such as property, equipment, and money. It can also track intangible assets such as customer relationships and patents. 

Asset tracking software is often used interchangeably with asset management software and also in conjunction with accounting software to help businesses manage their finances.

Benefits of Using Asset Tracking Software

  1. Asset tracking software can help you keep track of your finances and assets, making it easier to make informed decisions.
  2. Asset tracking software can help you manage your investments more effectively and protect yourself from potential financial risks.
  3. Asset tracking software can help you monitor your business’ performance and identify areas of improvement.
  4. Asset tracking software can help you save time and money by automating various financial tasks.
  5. Asset tracking software can help you stay organized and reduce the risk of financial mistakes.

How to Choose the Best Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software can be a valuable tool for tracking and managing your assets. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best asset tracking software, such as features and pricing. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right tool for your needs:

Determine what type of asset tracking you need. There are several different types of asset tracking software available, including accounting, finance, and operations/management programs.

Next, consider your budget and requirements. Some asset tracking software is more expensive than others, but it may offer more features or flexibility – which you may need or not.

Different asset tracking software has different features. Some software offers a wide range of functions such as banking, payroll and others offer just one function like inventory management. You should also consider the time it takes to learn the software, how many users can be on at once and if it is compatible with your computer system. 

Also consider how often you will need to update the software or whether it has a subscription plan.

Last, look for reviews from other users to get an idea of how well the product works and if there are any potential issues that should be addressed before purchase.

Curated List of  Best Asset Tracking Software

ManageEngine AssetExplorer Tracking Software

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a comprehensive asset tracking software that helps businesses to manage their assets and track their progress. It offers a range of features to help businesses track their assets, including inventory tracking, asset classification, and maintenance scheduling. 

Additionally, the software can be used to monitor financial performance and identify trends. Overall, AssetExplorer is an impressive tool that can help businesses tackle many asset tracking challenges.

Benefits of Using ManageEngine AssetExplorer Tracking Software

  1. AssetExplorer is an easy-to-use tracking software that helps businesses manage their assets and liabilities.
  2. It provides accurate and timely reporting of asset and liability information, which can help businesses make informed decisions.
  3. It offers a variety of features to help businesses track and manage their investments, including portfolio analysis, trend analysis, and performance tracking.
  4. It is easy to set up and use, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

InvGate Assets Tracking Software

A complete asset tracking program that covers all the necessary ground for tracking assets and inventories is called InvGate Assets.

It is a popular option for organizations of all sizes because to its simple installation and user-friendly interface.

Thanks to features like thorough reporting, network discovery, remote desktop access, change management, licensing management, software deployment, and software metering, businesses can keep track of their assets with InvGate Assets.

The learning curve for running reports is shortened by InvGate’s user-friendly interface.

The website is easy to use, and data may be downloaded to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis. 

Users are promptly notified of any asset concerns via InvGate’s Asset Alert system. They also employ a simple strategy for importing assets into the system, requiring only the installation of a single agent on each workstation or tracking device. The system is capable of supporting clients using Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The company offers three different plans namely; Insight, Service Desk, and Assets.

 The “Insight” plan includes features such as event tracking, activity monitoring, and portfolio analysis. 

The “Service Desk” plan offers features such as ticketing, incident response, and change management

The “Assets” plan offers features such as asset discovery, asset classification, and portfolio optimization.

If you have a small business with limited IT staff and need more help than your regular support team can offer, subscribing to InvGate support is ideal. You’ll get unlimited access to phone support, as well as a web portal with a self-service knowledge base that can help you solve common problems.

Users have access to documentation and can request assistance with problem reporting throughout the licence period.

Another benefit of using this asset tracking software program is that users have access to documentation and can request assistance with problem reporting throughout the licence period. This means that if there are any problems with the program, you can get help quickly and fix them.

Benefits of Using InvGate Assets Tracking Software

There are many benefits to using InvGate Assets Tracking Software. First, it can help you keep track of all your assets in a centralized location. This can make it easier to manage and monitor your investments, as well as comply with legal requirements. 

Additionally, the software offers powerful reporting features that can help you better understand your financial situation. 

Finally, it is easy to use and navigate, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an asset tracking solution.

  • Automated asset tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Reduced operating costs

Ivanti IT Asset Tracking Software

The feature-rich Ivanti IT Asset tracking Suite is popular with enterprises because it has reporting capabilities that make it easy to quickly and explicitly highlight key data points. This makes the suite our choice for custom reporting needs.

Ivanti provides comprehensive IT asset tracking solutions that help businesses track and manage their assets throughout their lifecycle, including asset discovery, financial tracking, software compliance, and license management. 

With its Asset Discovery solution, Ivanti helps identify assets across a variety of platforms and devices. This solution can also help identify stolen or lost assets, as well as those that may be in violation of corporate policies or licensing agreements. 

Additionally, the Financial tracking solution can help businesses manage budgets and track expenses related to IT assets. 

Finally, the Software Compliance solution can help ensure that all software installed on company devices is up to date and compliant with corporate standards. 

The Asset Tracking & Tracking package from Ivanti offers a comprehensive system for more effective and efficient management of IT assets. Windows users will find the setup to be simpler because it employs a Windows-based interface. The wizard takes you along a simple path to do your initial network asset scan while also providing setup and administrative learning opportunities.

Ivanti provides desktop and mobile workspaces, however the on-site installation is more user-friendly than the cloud-based service. Businesses who have the ability to handle an on-site installation benefit from quicker asset detection and report production.

Additionally, Ivanti provides a free trial of its asset monitoring suite. You must check that your computers fulfill the minimal hardware requirements in order to take advantage of this offer.

The free trial offers enough features to get started with the solution, so you can see how it could help you manage your assets more effectively.

Ivanti’s subscription service includes access to technical support, including telephone support, a web portal, and online self-service.

If you’re looking for premium technical support, Ivanti has a dedicated account manager’s support team who can respond to your questions within 30 minutes or less.

Lastly, there is 24/7 phone support available for critical issues. However, this service is only available to customers with enterprise-level support subscriptions.

Asset Panda

Any size or style of organization may use Asset Panda, a cloud-based asset monitoring solution.

It makes it simple to keep track of your investments since it enables users to manage and monitor their assets from a single spot. 

Asset Panda asset tracking program has many features and programmable options. It is the greatest value for asset monitoring software because it costs $1,500 for 500 assets. 

Using UPCs or serial numbers, managed assets and inventories may be readily traced. The procedures used to manage these resources can be modified by designated users.

Additionally, customers of Asset Panda have access to some excellent reporting capabilities, such as pre-built reports that may be altered as necessary.

Because of this, asset data files are a useful tool for companies of all sizes. 

The app has a lot of features, including being able to scan barcodes and add assets on the fly, generating reports, and having mobile audit and GPS tracking.

Asset Panda has a greater number of features than some other platforms, but it can be more difficult to get started because there is a steep learning curve.

An online knowledge base and web portal are available to the software’s users.

The training is free and comes with the package.

Compared to many other trials that give 30 or 45 days, the 14-day free trial is shorter. 

MMSoft Pulseway

Pulseway is a mobile app designed to help managers keep track of assets and operations from any device. It’s fast, easy to use, and perfect for small businesses that need remote asset tracking without sacrificing efficiency.

With a mobile-first system like Pulseway, users can expect an ultra-modern and intelligent user experience on any device or platform.

Access to all system features is simple and attractive, with nearly instant connectivity to machines.

Numerous aspects of the Pulseway mobile app may be used to troubleshoot different operating systems and cloud-based servers. Processes, user log-outs, suspensions, and locking of non-Windows-based assets can all be initiated from the mobile client. 

The ability for customers to get real-time updates through the smartphone app is the biggest difference.

As a result, it is simpler to stay updated on app activity.

The highly thorough notification settings let you pick services and schedule jobs that need to be controlled.

The limited reporting options of Pulseway make it challenging to monitor progress. 

There aren’t many pre-built reports compared to other alternatives, and there’s no means to change or add more.

The reports may be emailed or seen on a screen.

A professional package from Pulseway is available for up to 200 workstations and starts at $1.71 per workstation. 

A free version of Pulseway’s AMS is also available, and it may be used to monitor two PCs.

Click here to join up for the 14-day fully featured trial if you’re interested in utilizing it. 


The tool enables companies to track repairs and replacements as well as inventory levels.

For organizations of all sizes, GoCodes is the best asset tracking software since it is dependable and simple to use. 

Because its QR codes make it simple to track assets quickly and simply using any computer or mobile device, GoCodes is a well-known AMS for tracking physical assets. 

Businesses that don’t rely on technology frequently use physical barcode stickers.

They are popular among businesses since they are straightforward and simple to use. 

Placing a barcode sticker on an item makes it simple to check it into GoCodes with information on the asset’s kind, subtype, serial number, and owner.

Any extra information recorded using editable user-defined fields may also be entered. 

Asset data files may contain supporting materials including receipts, details of repairs, images, and videos.

You can keep track of your assets and make sure they are well-maintained with the use of this paperwork.

Managers may monitor an asset’s whereabouts using a mapping function.

This data may be utilized to pinpoint the assets that require service requests, repairs, and maintenance. 

GoCodes makes calculating depreciation easy, by automating the most common calculation scenarios for fixed assets.

The pre-built depreciation reports included with the software can be exported for more detailed depreciation management.

Although GoCode’s general reporting capabilities are quite limited, there are more than 20 customizable reports available in the Enterprise plan with optional reporting functions in the other plans.

GoCodes offers a variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets. All plans include a number of features, such as an unlimited number of employees, mobile apps, custom data fields, GPS tracking, and an inventory module.

Paying an annual fee instead of monthly lowers the cost by 10%.

All paid plan users have access to phone support during business hours. Pricing for the Enterprise plan is available upon request.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the best asset tracking software options out there. The one that’s right for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. But whichever one you choose, make sure to keep your business running smoothly with the help of a good asset tracking software.

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