10 Best Click Fraud Software For Successful Ad Campaigns

Best click fraud software

Digital marketing has rapidly risen as the number one component for businesses to grow. With this meteoric rise comes the inevitable parasites that want to feed on your success. Click fraud is one of those parasites. If you leave it to fester, your ad campaigns—and eventually, your business—will suffer severely.

To prevent detrimental consequences from befalling your business, we’ve gathered the 10 best click fraud software that will help combat fraudulent clicks. Peruse the list to find the best fit for your business, so you can be on your way to achieving consecutive successful ad campaigns.

Best Click Fraud Software Shortlist

Click fraud is a legitimately troublesome (and often illegal) activity that advertisers often face. Many pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have suffered due to these fake clicks. As such, having fraud detection and fraud protection software will benefit your business greatly. The following click fraud software are at the top of their game:

  1. ClickGUARD
  2. ClickCease
  3. ClixTell
  4. PPC Protect
  5. Singular
  6. Spider AF
  7. Kochava
  8. TrafficGuard
  9. AppsFlyer
  10. Fraud Blocker

In this guide, we’ll discuss these click fraud software—their features, pricing, pros and cons, and essentially, what makes them worth every penny.

1. ClickGUARD

Best Click Fraud Software #1: ClickGUARD

ClickGUARD click fraud software helps effectively safeguard and maximize your Google Ads ROI by protecting you against all kinds of unwanted clicks. Through this fraud protection software, you can focus on the quality and success of your business without dealing with money-wasting clicks. You’ll be certain that every click comes from real paying customers.

With over 5000 clients served and 2 billion clicks investigated, ClickGUARD has saved $50 million from click fraud. Their service applies to a wide range of clients, including (but not limited to): SMBs & SMEs, enterprise and corporate brands, marketing agencies, and consultants and freelancers. So, whether you’re an individual in charge of marketing campaigns or a fully-staffed marketing agency, you’ll benefit from having ClickGUARD on board.

ClickGUARD has a rating of 4.9 stars (based on 140 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, their scores are all above 90% for factors under satisfaction and setup and support.


ClickGuard click fraud software offers its services for the following price levels. You can save 20% by opting for a yearly plan. A free trial is available.

  • ActiveGuard: $74 per month
  • PremiumGuard: $99 per month
  • EliteGuard: $124 per month


ClickGUARD offers a free audit of your Google Ads account, where they’ll show you clear click forensic data, which shows quantifiable waste and actionable ways to protect your account. If you’re satisfied, you can move on to their free trial, which will show you what you can expect from the price level of your choice.

Their popular features include proxy VPN detection, GEO location protection, and time-on-site conditions. Altogether, their features can be summarized under five major services:

  • Google Ads Shield: Protects your Google Ads budget with the most dynamic and comprehensive click fraud protection solution available.
  • Intelligent Protection: Fraud detection and fraud threat detection that is dynamic and fully adaptable to your specific business or industry.  
  • Forensic Reporting: ClickGUARD’s powerful forensic reports allow you to audit and visually assess all click transactions to gauge quality.
  • Automates Optimization: A variety of automated processes that provide you with industry-leading click fraud protection and PPC optimization.
  • Advanced Customization: Seamless integration with common web and CMS platforms. Fast and easy to install. 


  • They offer real-time notifications as one of their features.
  • Another feature appreciated by many clients is automatic malicious click deflection.
  • They have tons of customizable features, ensuring their service will fit your one-of-a-kind Google Ads account.


  • ClickGUARD doesn’t have support for other languages than English.
  • Some users report having trouble getting assistance during weekends and holidays.

2. ClickCease

Best Click Fraud Software #2: ClickCease

ClickCease is one of CHEQ’s industry-leading solutions for click fraud, fraud prevention, and fraud protection. This software keeps ad fraud and click fraud from draining your ad budgets by detecting and blocking the bad traffic. That means competitors with malicious intent, brand haters, bots, accidental clicks, and click farms won’t even get to see your ads.

This click fraud software helps save your budget for genuine traffic only by: monitoring your ads, analyzing your traffic for fraud, and blocking the fraudulent visitors. It works with any platform, even on custom platforms, you may own. It’s no wonder why +28K sites use ClickCease.

ClickCease has a rating of 4.7 stars (based on 170 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, their scores are all above 90% for factors under satisfaction and setup and support—except for “Ease of Doing Business With” which is at exactly 90%.


As one of CHEQ’s industry-leading solutions, ClickCease offers its services for the following price levels. You can save 20% by opting for the yearly plan. A free trial is available.

  • Standard: $59 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Advanced: $109 per month


ClickCease can help you boost your PPC campaigns through the following solution features:

  • 24/7 ad monitoring on all paid traffic sources (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Microsoft Bing, Youtube, Messenger, and Audience Network)
  • Analysis of various data points (e.g. geolocation, click limit, VPN detection and session behaviour) as the basis for flagging fraudulent clicks
  • Automatically and instantly block fraudulent users
  • Access to on-site session recordings
  • Custom detection rules with detailed reports


  • It has easy-to-use, straightforward features for protecting your account from click fraud.
  • Clients positively report on the tech-savvy, fast, and friendly customer service team of ClickCease.


  • For being almost the same price as ClickGuard (when availed as a yearly plan), ClickCease doesn’t have as much customizability and features.
  • Some clients have stated that the reports they get from ClickCease do little to help their refund case with Google Ads.

3. ClixTell

Best Click Fraud Software #3: Clixtell

Clixtell’s click fraud protection software offers advanced features to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Google Ads campaigns. Their wide variety of features for fraud detection and fraud prevention includes some unique tools that your ROI will appreciate, namely the video screen recorder for clicks and the click-to-call ads tracking and recording.

Available on all website platforms, Clixtell has the cheapest entry-level plan out of the bunch on this list—not including those with via request pricing. It’s perfect for small businesses to test the waters, especially those who are on the fence regarding click fraud software.

Clixtell has a rating of 4.9 stars (based on 26 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp.


Clixtell’s click fraud protection software offers its services for the following price levels. A free trial is available.

  • PPC Monitor: $15 per month
  • All Monitor: $50 per month
  • All Protection: $75 per month


The following features Clixtell offers have helped thousands of business owners protect their PPC campaigns:

  • Actively monitors traffic 24/7 from your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns
  • Analyzes every click and secures your PPC budget by blocking fraud activity from seeing your ads
  • Comes with a video screen recorder where you can watch video records of clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, and writing text to understand whose clicking on your ads, detect click fraud activity, and block it
  • Conversion intelligence helps track all types of conversions, and identify and block any type of click fraud activity
  • An exclusive feature for tracking, measuring, and recording click-to-call ads by using a tracking phone number
  • Provides a detailed customized click fraud report for you to prove invalid clicks, and be sure you’ll get a full refund from Google and Bing


  • Offers a unique feature of fraud detection through ads call extensions and call-only ads.
  • It’s the cheapest click fraud software on this list (though with limited features), which is great for small businesses dipping their toes into click fraud solutions available.


  • Some advanced advertisers using Clixtell find it lacking in certain features (e.g. search, filters, and export for the Traffic tab).

4. PPC Protect

Best Click Fraud Software #4: PPC Protect

PPC Protect click fraud software helps protect your ad investments using its various features and benefits for fraud detection and fraud prevention. Its comprehensive fraud protection suite analyzes traffic behaviour, offers centralized protection, gives feedback optimization, and access to complete data transparency.

This software boasts 100m+ in fraudulent clicks blocked and $94,642,677 total cost saved on invalid clicks in 2021. Many small businesses also appreciate PPC Protect’s enterprise scalable approach, as their cloud-based technology puts no limit on clicks, impressions, users or campaigns.

PPC Protect has a rating of 4.6 stars (based on 13 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, their scores are all above 90% for factors under satisfaction and setup and support.


PPC Protect’s pricing has three tiers: Pro, Elite, and Agency. The exact price for each is only available via request. A free demo is available similarly through a request.


PPC Protect click fraud software offers the following features and benefits:

  • Analyze traffic behaviour: use a combination of location and behaviour to determine the threat level of traffic to all your paid acquisition channels
  • Centralized protection: traffic analysis from one channel can be applied to all (Google Ads campaigns to Facebook Ads campaigns)
  • Feedback Optimization: high-quality traffic behaviour data is fed back into acquisition channels to optimize positive buying signals
  • Complete Data Transparency: all click activity from every ad channel is stored as first-party data, together with their threat level


  • It has hands-on customer support that helps and educates its clients on how to use its product more effectively.
  • It scales well with every business size.


  • You’ll need to contact them for pricing plans, which is an added step not everyone will welcome.
  • Some clients share that the reports provided by PPC Protect aren’t very clear-cut and can be difficult to include seamlessly in monthly reports.

5. Singular

Best Click Fraud Software #5: Singular

Singular is not just a click fraud software but a powerhouse marketing analytics and attribution provider. Its fraud prevention is just one of many features that online advertisers and app marketers alike enjoy.

Apart from fraud prevention, the features Singular offers to grow your business include marketing analysis, cost aggregation, marketing ETL, mobile attribution, and ad monetization. With its fraud prevention feature, you can expect 25% of your ad budget saved, 2X optimization efficiency, a 90+% decrease in suspicious traffic, and endless custom strategies.

Singular has a rating of 4.6 stars (based on 23 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, their scores are all above 90% for factors under satisfaction and setup and support.


Singular’s pricing has three tiers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The exact price for each is only available via request. A free trial and a free demo are available.


As our focus on this list is click fraud software, we will only look at the characteristics of Singular’s fraud prevention feature:

  • Proactive: allows you to catch ad fraud before it wreaks havoc on your budget and reporting integrity with pre-attribution rejection
  • Comprehensive: consider all fraud detection indicators at the most granular levels and utilize 50+ fraud prevention methods
  • Transparent: analyze reporting down to the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level to learn how your app is being targeted by fraudsters
  • Personalized: personalize your fraud prevention strategy with customized fraud rules based on your business needs
  • Adaptive: stay one step ahead of evolving fraud methods with a dedicated team of highly-skilled scientists


  • It has a wide variety of features you can use to grow your business, which is especially beneficial for businesses looking for a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs.
  • Singular’s fraud prevention feature constantly adapts to various methods used by ad fraudsters.
  • You can get custom reports on fraudulent activity, as well as highly personalized settings that ensure you’re getting an ad fraud solution designed specifically for your business.


  • The various features offered by Singular apart from fraud prevention might not be relevant to you, so you’ll be paying extra for features you might not use.
  • Some clients have reported getting erroneous fraud prevention reports, which, if this happens to you, can require you to run your own algorithm to double-check the numbers.

6. Spider AF

Best Click Fraud Software #6: Spider AF

Spider AF by Spider Labs is an AI engine that identifies and blocks all types of click fraud. This engine eliminates bots, competitor click-spamming, and dark click strategies, so you can redirect your budget to real paying customers and save thousands of wasted dollars every quarter.

Out of all the click fraud software on this list, Spider AF has the most expensive entry-level flat rate at a whopping $300 per month. It can be attributed to the software’s advanced machine learning and automation capabilities applied to fraud detection and fraud prevention. In the last 12 months, Spider AF has analyzed 496 million ad clicks, 7.6 million paid conversions, and 1.09 billion impressions. To truly know if the cost is worth it, a free trial is available for all interested parties.

Spider AF has a rating of 4.8 stars (based on 4 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp.


Spider AF click fraud software offers its services for the following price levels. A free trial is available.

  • Performance: $300 per month
  • Elite: $700 per month
  • Enterprise: contact Spider AF for a custom quote


Spider AF has four main features that work together to counter ad fraud and save your business thousands of dollars:

  • Invalid Click Blocker: Spider AF learns what quality clicks look like and then blocks up to 500 specific IPs and 65000 domains per account; how you block malicious IPs based on your specifications can be done through the software’s dashboard.
  • Ad Location Optimizer: This feature helps you target your most relevant regions only. Spider AF detects bad leads, blacklists poor ad placements and helps you get your pipeline back on track.
  • Lead Qualifier: Help save time and resources for your sales team by only chasing real leads from real paying customers. Spider AF’s Lead Qualifier automatically vets your leads, ensuring they’re a fit based on customizable profiles.
  • Bounce Rate Reducer: Fighting sky-high bounce rates ensures you’re not spending money on people who were never going to convert. Spider AF filters out unwanted, invalid and irrelevant visitors, keeping your inbound traffic as hot as possible.


  • It’s a straightforward and easy-to-use ad fraud solution designed to tackle all your click fraud prevention and detection needs.
  • Its customer support is very friendly and replies quickly to the concerns of clients.


  • It is quite expensive compared to other click fraud software on this list; the expense might not be worth it for your business (though availing of its free trial can help you better assess this).
  • This software offers some highly-specialized knowledge, which, for not-so-tech-savvy clients, can take quite some time to fully understand.

7. Kochava

Best Click Fraud Software #7: Kochava

Kochava isn’t just a click fraud detection and click fraud prevention software. Similar to Singular, Kochava is a Marketers Operating System® (m/OS) that seamlessly integrates omnichannel marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers in one operational system.

Apart from fraud prevention, Kochava offers tools for measurement and attribution, deep linking, data and analytics, and user engagement. If you’re intrigued by Kochava’s services, they offer a free version called Free App Analytics™. Their anti-fraud toolbox is part of this free version, albeit having less customizability compared to their paid plans.

Kochava has a rating of 4.7 stars (based on 24 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, its rating is 4.0 stars (based on 78 reviews).


Kochava’s marketing solution with integrated fraud prevention is available for the following price levels. A free trial is available as well as a free version.

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Foundation: $100 per month
  • Enterprise: Starting at $100 per month


As our focus on this list is click fraud software, we will only look at the characteristics of Kochava’s anti-fraud toolbox:

  • Global Fraud Blocklist: Activated at the flip of a switch, this tool protects your global campaigns at scale and in real-time.
  • Custom Thresholds & Blocklisting: Access customized fraud thresholding tailored to the needs of your brand.
  • Fraud Console: Explore all fraudulent and suspicious traffic across your campaigns with this comprehensive fraud protection suite.
  • Traffic Verifier: Set advanced rules to guard and keep watch over your campaign traffic in real-time.
  • Fraud Alerts: Receive account alerts when fraudulent activity surfaces in your campaigns.


  • Kochava offers fair payment options that help clients get the most seamless experience.
  • It has available configurable daily reports that can easily be exported.


  • The various features offered by Kochava apart from fraud prevention might not be relevant to you, so you’ll be paying extra for features you might not use.
  • It’s not the easiest to use software, with some clients sharing that even their developers sometimes have trouble with it.

8. TrafficGuard

Best Click Fraud Software #8: TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection helps unlock the best advertising results for businesses by verifying advertising engagement and protecting budgets. Its capabilities include universal ad fraud prevention, measurement and verification, PPC fraud prevention, and traffic quality audit.

All the capabilities TrafficGuard possesses culminate into a versatile click fraud detection and click fraud prevention software that can cater to ad networks and agencies, brands, SMBs, and app marketers. If your business is in its early stages, TrafficGuard’s free version will be worth trying. As your business grows, you can then consider upgrading to their next price level.

TrafficGuard has a rating of 4.7 stars (based on 15 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, its rating is 4.1 stars (based on 7 reviews).


TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection is available for the following price levels. A free trial is available as well as a free version.

  • Protect PPC: $0 per month (for up to $2500/mo Google Ads spend)
  • Protect PPC Pro: 2% of Google Ads spend
  • Enterprise: contact TrafficGuard for a custom quote


Four features make TrafficGuard a well-rounded click fraud software:

  • Universal ad fraud prevention: Stop invalid traffic in real-time across the whole advertising journey.
  • Measurement & verification: Measure and verify every ad engagement in your digital advertising journey to protect the integrity of performance data and power superior campaign optimisation.
  • PPC fraud prevention: This is a dedicated solution for PPC advertising including Google Ads.
  • Traffic quality audit: Shine a light on where both your highest and lowest quality traffic is coming from at a granular level to inform optimisation.


  • It’s easy to deploy and start monitoring click fraud.
  • It provides a clear dashboard for Google Ads campaigns.


  • The payment style is not everyone’s cup of tea—some have reported paying higher costs for TrafficGuard with little ROI as their projects grew in size.
  • Some clients using the free software have shared that it’s not enough to truly gauge the potential of the paid software.

9. AppsFlyer

Best Click Fraud Software #9: AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is more of an all-rounder, marketing tool similar to Singular and Kochava. While it does include click fraud protection tools, these are not the focus of the software, which is apparent in their pricing options. Still, if you’re looking for software that can function as a central hub for all your marketing campaigns’ needs, then AppsFlyer could be for you.

Similar to Kochava and TrafficGuard, AppsFlyer has a free version. However, this free software doesn’t have fraud prevention capabilities. On top of this, the next price level only includes basic fraud prevention, while the priciest level only has the additional fraud prevention tools as add-on options.

AppsFlyer has a rating of 4.2 stars (based on 26 reviews) on Capterra and GetApp. On G2, its rating is 4.4 stars (based on 268 reviews).


AppsFlyer is available for the following price levels. A free trial is available as well as a free version.

  • Zero: free for life
  • Growth: per conversion
  • Enterprise: contact TrafficGuard for a custom quote


Focusing on click fraud prevention capabilities, AppsFlyer’s fraud solution, Protect360, offers the following key features:

  • Protect360 dashboard: Gives a detailed view of fraudulent activity in your account, estimated savings, post-attribution fraud rate, and media partner measurements
  • Anomaly insights: Helps you dig deeper and compare partner behaviour trends for abnormal behaviour patterns to identify fraud
  • Raw data reports: Gives full access to all the fraud raw data measured by Protect360
  • Advanced in-app fraud detection: Identify and block fraudulent in-app and CPA events, even after the app install attribution
  • Post-attribution fraud detection: Block fraudulent installs after the attribution through automatic pattern identification
  • Media partner transparency: Maintain open, transparent communication with your media partners with easy-to-integrate APIs and postbacks


  • It offers a lot of tools that, when learned, can be utilized to take your business to a whole new level.
  • It provides analysis down to the very granular level, which is helpful for creating very detailed reports.


  • The various features offered by AppsFlyer apart from fraud prevention might not be relevant to you, so you’ll be paying extra for features you might not use.
  • It’s not very user-friendly, as per some clients, with integration and debugging taking a lot of effort.

10. Fraud Blocker

Best Click Fraud Software #10: Fraud Blocker

Fraud Blocker click fraud software helps save your business money by improving your traffic quality and saving on your advertising spend in just a few minutes. This ad fraud solution detects some of the most popular and sophisticated fraudulent activity used today: bots, click farms, competitors, malicious publishers, accidental clicks, and vengeful customers.

An interesting feature of Fraud Blocker is its network effect. Fraudulent sources on other sites within its network can be excluded from your site. It works with any site and has a free 30-day trial.

Fraud Blocker has a rating of 4.3 stars (based on 11 reviews) on G2. It has also scored between 85% to 88% on G2 for customer satisfaction and 78% to 75% for setup and support.


Fraud Blocker’s click fraud detection and click fraud protection software offers its services for the following price levels. You can save 20% by opting for the yearly plan. A free trial is available and they offer the first month free for all price levels.

  • Starter: $39 per month
  • Pro: $59 per month
  • Enterprise: contact Fraud Blocker to buy this package


Fraud Blocker’s advanced features that protect against click fraud are the following:

  • Fraud Scoring: It monitors your traffic 24/7, adjusts your score in real-time, and blocks the appropriate IP addresses and device IDs.
  • Automatic Blocking: Malicious IP addresses are added to your exclusion list automatically.
  • Customizable Rules: Apply your custom detection rules.
  • Flexible Team Access: Invite your coworkers to monitor your account and assign roles that customize access to specific features.
  • Subscription Management: Easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription tiers instantly.


  • All its features are relevant and up-to-date and continuously improved.
  • It provides accurate data for your records and funding sources.


  • It is not as reviewed as the click fraud software listed in the top five, some of which offer similar features to Fraud Blocker.
  • It offers a lot of features in a scattered way that can be exhaustive to use for new users.

Click Fraud Software FAQ

What Is Click Fraud?

Click fraud is a fraudulent, intentional, and malicious activity linked to pay-per-click (PPC) ads. This activity’s target is to repeatedly click on a PPC ad to generate fraudulent costs for the company running the ad. When left undetected, intentional fraudulent clicks can cost you money and customers.

Is Click Fraud The Same As Invalid Clicks?

No, click fraud are money-costing clicks on ads, which are intentional and malicious, with no potential for the ad to result in a sale. Meanwhile, invalid clicks are those repeated clicks made by the host or publisher of the ad.

How Does Click Fraud Harm PPC (e.g. Facebook and Google Ads) Campaigns?

Digital marketers are well-aware of how PPC campaigns are essential to marketing efforts. When click fraud continues unnoticed, much harm can be done to your business.

Click fraud can drain current advertising budgets. This is by far the most detrimental result of fraudulent clicks. Your company will have to bear falsified charges due to this fraudulent activity. Worst case scenario? You end up draining all your budget for the PPC campaign.

Click fraud can give you flawed campaign performance insights. As your ad campaigns accumulate fraud clicks, it’ll result in counterfeit marketing data. Misrepresented data can harm your business as it navigates your future marketing efforts toward the wrong path.

Click fraud can drain future advertising budgets. As you can imagine, following the wrong path for your marketing campaigns will result in exhausting your future ad budgets. Unfortunately, that’s the domino effect of undetected click fraud.

Click fraud can push your ad campaigns to reach the daily limit. Most companies set a maximum amount for what an ad account can use per day. Active click fraud on one of your PPC campaigns can make you reach that daily limit real fast, without any benefit to your business. Also, after you reach your daily limit, an ad from your competitor will replace that ad. In the long run, this can prove to have detrimental effects on your company’s growth and ROI.

How Can You Detect Fraudulent Clicks?

The number one way to detect and prevent fraudulent clicks is through click fraud software. Fraud prevention software can detect suspicious or malicious activity and automatically block the source of fraudulent traffic.

Other useful tips and tools to detect and prevent fraudulent clicks include the following:

  • Monitor the clicks you get. You can manually track if the suspicious clicks you’re getting are coming from the same ISP. If they are, it’s likely those are fraudulent clicks.
  • Set varied prices on your ads. Diversify the amount you set on various websites. If one ad on a website becomes targeted by click fraud, you won’t lose out as much. Doing so can limit the amount of money you’re paying for a single ad.
  • Monitor your competitors. By using various tools to generate reports of unique and total clicks, you can identify whether your competitors are targeting you with money-wasting clicks.

Is Click Fraud Illegal?

There is no straight answer to this question. In the US, the answer to this question is a clear yes as of 2020. Generally, though, most countries don’t have specific laws against click fraud. However, they usually do have laws covering cybersecurity or information technology.

Are There Free Click Fraud Software?

Kochava and TrafficGuard free versions include fraud prevention features. However, the data you will receive and the extent of protection will be severely limited compared to paid solutions.

Some are content with the level of protection Google’s system provides for advertisers. The problem with relying on Google alone is that websites that don’t fall under their jurisdiction can still target your ads with click fraud.

What Is The Best Click Fraud Software For Beginners?

By far, the best software for beginners in terms of usability score is PPC Protect. However, do keep in mind that this might not apply to your business’s specific needs.

Fortunately, all of the services above have free trials. You can try each out for yourself and see what will serve you best before you commit to their pricing.

Final Thoughts

Click fraud is a great concern in our current era of digital marketing. Having reliable click fraud software for your business can be the best investment yet that you’ll make for your marketing campaigns.

Remember that you don’t need to immediately hop on a click fraud software that you’re not 100% sure of. Take advantage of the free trials and free versions to figure out if your business will benefit from having more powerful ad fraud solutions through paid plans.

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