Best Data Recovery Software

Data recovery makes it possible to recover deleted files and folders from your computer, mobile device, or storage media in a way that is straightforward and uncomplicated.

If you ask anyone who has been through the experience of losing data, it isn’t a pleasurable experience, they will tell you that losing data is incredibly stressful, regardless of whether it was caused by a hardware or software failure, unintentional deletion, or cybercrime.

In today’s world, organizations often back up a significant portion of their critical data either on hard drives or in the cloud. It’s possible that you also store everything on a regular basis to an external hard drive or a USB stick.

If you do not have anything in place that can make the process of data recovery relatively simple and easy to do, then in the event of a hard drive crash or corrupted drive, you will need dedicated data recovery tools to help restore your missing files and folders. 

While there are a number of data backup software options, and disk cloning software that can make the process of data recovery relatively simple and easy to do, getting the right software to the job is always nerve-racking experience. In this article, we intend to relieve you from such challenges

Best Data Recovering Software

The following is a list of our recommendations for the best data recovery software.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most widely utilized commercial data recovery services, and for good reason. The platform provides a number of different scan choices, which means that you are able to customize the scan to the particular kind of data loss that has taken place. If you accidentally deleted an important file and discovered it right immediately, this will save you time because there will be no need to perform a comprehensive search of the system.

Additionally, the system is equipped with sophisticated search features, which make it simple to locate and get the data that is the most important.

Stellar Data Recovery supports all file types and disks, which is another feature that makes it an invaluable data recovery tool. Data may be retrieved from a variety of storage mediums, including hard drives both internal and external, memory cards, flash drives, and optical media such as CDs and DVDs. This provider is versatile and adaptive.

Stellar’s more advanced capabilities, however, do not come without an associated fee. Although it is not the most costly platform, it is nevertheless considered to be quite pricey.

The EaseUS Data Recovery

It is accurate to call this piece of software a “wizard” in the sense that it excels at a certain task. EaseUS is not exaggerating when it refers to its abilities in this regard. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use and will guide you through the data recovery procedure step by step. 

If you start EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro soon enough after you lose your data, it will be able to resuscitate virtually all of your lost data, from accidentally wiped partitions to files that have been corrupted by a virus.

The whole package is still one of the more cost-effective options we’ve encountered for recovering crashed RAID configurations. Many other software conceal this feature in their more expensive premium editions. 

There is a range of rates available, from month-to-month to yearly, as well as an option for a license that covers lifetime updates. 

The cost of upgrading to a paid license may seem steep at first, but when you consider all of the benefits you receive in exchange for your payment, you can see that it actually offers excellent value for the money. 

You have a clear winner on your hands if you take into account the excellent performance of this software, the helpfulness of the customer care offered by EaseUS, and the organization of the user interface.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill, which was previously only available for macOS, is now accessible for Windows and is widely considered to be among the best data recovery programs available.

Disk Drill is a data recovery program that can retrieve lost information from a variety of storage media, including hard disk drives, solid-state or SSD drives , USB flash drives, SD cards, digital cameras, and even phones. 

The program comes in both a free and a paid edition. The website for Disk Drill makes the bold claim that it is possible to retrieve every lost data file type, from virtually any data loss situation that can be imagined.

The comprehensive array of functions that Disk Drill offers for every conceivable platform and use case is remarkable enough on its own. Disk Drill is a data recovery tool that you should think about using since it can easily mount and read a USB flash drive that had been unmountable in the past and recover the data from that drive in a relatively short amount of time. This is proof that you should think about using it.

Disk Drill is a good solution for Windows data recovery, despite the fact that its PRO edition has pricing that isn’t optimal for home users. Despite this drawback, the program is still highly recommended.


CrashPlan was once the darling of free backup solutions for home users; however, the company has now moved its attention to the commercial sector and now offers a product called CrashPlan for Small Businesses.

CrashPlan is without a doubt a favorite among many users. It works diligently in the background to create complete and comprehensive backups of your whole system, beginning with the most recent data and working its way backwards. 

After that, it sorts everything into separate virtual buckets, allowing you to quickly retrieve the files that are most important to you.

Importantly, Crashplan will even retain files that you have erased from your computer. You have the option to disable this feature, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Because your backups are fully encrypted, even files that have been deleted are protected from prying eyes.  

Ontrack EasyRecovery

Ontrack EasyRecovery is available in a variety of configurations, each of which is designed to assist in the complete recovery of data in different scenarios where data may have been lost.

Since the free version only lets you restore up to one gigabyte of data, it is not likely to be of much use to the majority of users other than as a testing tool. Files and folders that have been deleted inadvertently can be recovered using the home edition of the software, which also has the ability to recover files and folders that have been erased as a result of a virus.

The Professional edition gives you the ability to create disk images in addition to recovering data from CDs and DVDs. On the other hand, the Premium edition not only has the ability to clone hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs), but it can also repair photos and videos that have become corrupted.

The Technician and Toolkit editions are considerably more capable, and they allow for lost or reformatted RAID volumes. However, they also come with commercial licenses for usage in businesses, and they are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

We can speak from experience when we say that the expense may be worth it for effective comprehensive data recovery despite the fact that some of the more complex levels do not come cheap. Prices grow proportionally with the amount of data recovery that is necessary.

DMDE Free Edition

DMDE Free Edition is software that will assist you in recovering files from your hard drive that you may have deleted inadvertently, experienced problems with your hard drive as a result of a virus attack, or lost as a result of some other terrible misfortune. 

Because this is the free edition of a software for which there are paid versions, it should not come as a surprise that there are a few limitations; nevertheless, none of them should be enough to discourage you from using the application.

DMDE is a portable tool that can be used directly from a USB stick, there is no need to install it, which eliminates the possibility of accidentally overwriting data that you are attempting to recover. In addition to recovering files, the application also gives you the option of looking for and recovering disks and partitions that have, for one reason or another, been invisible to Windows. This feature allows the program to go beyond simple file recovery.

As part of your disaster recovery plan, you may even try entering the disk editing mode or reconstructing RAID setups if you’re feeling very daring. Both of these options are available to you.

Overall, if you are able to get past the harsh UI, this is a vital file recovery application that has the potential to spare you a great deal of emotional anguish. 


Recuva is an all-inclusive data recovery program that can do in-depth scans, retrieve data from damaged disks, extract information from portable storage devices, and much more. In spite of the fact that it also has a paid version, similar to the one described above, the free version is an alternative that ought to be considered.

It is not the most comprehensive tool, but it is certainly powerful enough for the price, especially considering that the pro version also adds disk imaging tools for taking complete backups of your drives. 

Using the safe delete option of Recuva, you are able to totally remove data from your computer, which is perhaps the program’s most intriguing capability despite the fact that it runs counter to its primary purpose. 

It is important to keep in mind that files are normally not completely destroyed when they are overwritten by another occupying the same space on the disk. Continuously writing zeros over each of their bits, even the most sophisticated data forensics program won’t be able to recover them even if you try. Perfect for those documents that have a lot of doubts attached to them and absolutely have to be discarded.

PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery goes further than many other data recovery tools in that it is able to detect partitions that have been lost, even if the boot sector or file system has been damaged or deleted. 

This is one of the many ways in which PC Inspector File Recovery distinguishes itself from other data recovery tools. In the event of an emergency, this may be a true lifesaver for you, since it could potentially assist you in retrieving data even if your hard disk is not visible within Windows.

The interface or layout of PC Inspector File Recovery might be frightening to those with less experience, and even some users with more experience could first find the operation to be a little bit unclear. 

Spend some time becoming familiar with the interface, and you’ll discover a robust data recovery application. However, it appears to have more success with FAT and FAT32 devices than it does with other file systems.

TestDisk and PhotoRec

Together, TestDisk and PhotoRec are capable of recovering data from deleted files and partitions, despite the fact that they are presented as a pair of utilities rather than a single integrated solution.

The partitioning aspects of disk management are handled by TestDisk. It’s possible that the lack of a graphical user interface and the fact that it’s a command line tool will be off-putting at first. If you are able to put this matter out of your mind, however, there is assistance available to direct you through the process of dealing with your drives. Because it supports a wide variety of file systems, TestDisk should be able to handle the majority of situations.

The component responsible for restoring lost files is called PhotoRec. In contrast to TestDisk, it offers both a command line interface and a graphical user interface (GUI), the latter of which is intended for those with less experience. However, despite the fact that it may not be as user-friendly as some of the other recovery applications in our collection, it is reliable.

Because PhotoRec is compatible with several operating systems and can be launched as a portable application from a USB stick, you won’t need to install it on your own computer in order to use it.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro 

The appearance of UnDeleteMyFiles Pro might not be all that appealing, you shouldn’t allow that deter you too much from using it because it has a variety of features in addition to the ability to recover deleted files.

There is no indication of the quality of the data or their capacity to be recovered, so the recovery process can be a little hit or miss. You simply have to cross your fingers and hope that the files that are recovered are in a respectable form.

When it comes to data recovery, the only real choice you have outside the ability to search for certain file types is to narrow down the number of items on the list that you have to go through of which this tool gives you the liberty to do that.

In addition, you will receive a secure file deletion tool, email recovery, and a disk snapshot tool. The disk snapshot tool simply creates a backup of your drive, allowing you to recover data whenever it is convenient for you to do so. It is still worthwhile to have a look at this, despite the fact that it might not even be the greatest of the lot.


If you accidentally lose your data, especially if they are work files, it may be a very upsetting experience. Our curated list provides you with the top solutions currently available on the market; nonetheless, you need to take into consideration your requirements, the features of the tool, your available funds, and the learning curve associated with the tool.

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