Best Day Trading Software

Day traders make and exit transactions repeatedly to profit from short-term price changes in stocks, bonds, and ETFs (ETFs). They normally close all deals at the end of the day, minimizing the danger of having market positions open overnight.

Day trading became popular during the dot-com boom and fall and the Covid-19 outbreak.

Online brokerage platforms have made day trading available to everyone with time, money, and willingness to study. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Day Trading Software

Day trading requires rapid, dependable trade execution and cheap fees. A day trader can win most transactions but still, lose money if fees exceed earnings. Since day traders constantly buy and sell assets, they may build up trading commissions.

Order execution is crucial. Order execution helps traders enter and exit the market and take tiny profits throughout the day. During fast-moving market situations, such as at the market opening or following big news, it’s crucial to have a reputable broker.

Traders must be able to call customer care quickly in case of a technical outage or other trading problem to limit their risk exposure. Best-in-class brokers offer phone and chat help with minimal wait times.

Best Day Trading Software


The Live Action scanner on Power E*TRADE, the active trader platform for the company, offers over one hundred pre-defined screens that scan the market in real time on live prices and live analytical measures based on technical, fundamental, earnings, sentiment, and news events.

Discovering overbought or oversold stocks and discovering new chances for a client’s portfolio are both aided by the oscillator scans that are included in Live Action. The Power E*TRADE platform comes with a variety of built-in screens, many of which cannot be found on other platforms.

You are able to scan stocks based on technical events or patterns using the Recognia scanner, and you can also configure alerts to notify you when new criteria are satisfied. You are able to put your technical trading strategy through its paces with the help of Power E*TRADE’s paper trading capabilities.

Fidelity Investments

The Fidelity trading interface that can be downloaded is called Active Trader Pro, and it provides access to a more comprehensive collection of features than the website does. Charting functionality and trading tools that may be customized are available right away with Active Trader Pro. You will receive notifications from the program regarding open positions as well as alerts on technical signals inequities that you are monitoring.

The web-based charting offered by Fidelity incorporates the technical patterns and events that are supplied by Trading Central. The comprehensive charting that is available on the web provides users with the opportunity to view 30 days of intraday data, data for extended hours, and more than 60 technical indicators that may be fully customized.

A concentration on technical analysis may be found in the material of the Fidelity Learning Center, which contains articles, videos, webinars, infographics, and recorded webinars, among other things.

In addition, Fidelity provides customers with the opportunity to participate in weekly online coaching sessions. During these sessions, clients can join a small group for in-depth conversations on technical analysis and options.

Interactive Brokers

Charting that is not only highly customisable but also features over one hundred different indicators and real-time streaming data is available across all of Interactive Brokers’ platforms. 

IB’s primary trading platform, known as Trader Workstation (TWS), offers sophisticated capabilities for doing technical analysis and includes more than 120 indicators.

Traders are given the opportunity to become familiar with the TWS platform and practice various trading scenarios through the use of a demo version of the software.

In addition, it is feasible to connect a platform for analytics provided by a third party to the IBKR account you have. At the Investors Marketplace, you will find a complete list of merchants that you may browse through.


Lightspeed’s mainstay platform, which is a downloadable program called Lightspeed Trader, features a highly customizable live market scanner known as LightScan. This scanner can assist you in screening for current trading opportunities. Lightspeed’s flagship platform is designed for very frequent traders.

LightScan will scan the entirety of the stock market and present the results to you in a format that is sorted and filtered according to your choices. There are over one hundred different search criteria available, and any two of them may be combined. The charting for the flagship platform is fully customisable.

Demo versions of the platform are made available to those who are interested in putting it through its paces.

Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade)

Thinkorswim, an advanced options-focused platform offered by TD Ameritrade, gives traders the ability to personalize the platform by adding their preferred trading tools and a trade ticket. 

Despite the fact that the platform was first developed for trading options, there are a large number of analytical tools available for use by equities traders as well. There are sketching tools, tools for analyzing technical indications, and tools for visualizing data.

A built-in programming language known as thinkScript is available to traders who use the Thinkorswim platform, which enables them to construct their own analytical tools. You may utilize a desktop version of Thinkorswim, the online version, or the mobile app. The desktop version is the most capable option. All of them comprise data that is continuously updated in real-time and are used to support more than 400 technical research.


A fundamental characteristic of the TradeStation platform is its ability to do technical analysis and statistical modelling of trading methods. Since the brokerage originated as the software development company Omega Research specializing in technical analysis, the practice of technical analysis is deeply ingrained in its culture.

The downloadable TradeStation 10 software provides users with exceptional charting capabilities that are based on tick data. The charting software is equipped with built-in automated technical analysis, which displays developing technical patterns on the charts as they emerge. The charting features of the Web are quite similar to those of TradeStation 10, including the addition of a new toolbar that provides access to the settings for adjusting time frames, drawing tools, sessions, and styles.

It is noteworthy how effectively this charting tool is connected with TradeStation’s order management system because this is one of the greatest charting apps available from any broker.

Users of TradeStation may also design and backtest trading systems based on technical occurrences using the platform. The trading simulator offered by TradeStation incorporates all of the features that are available on TradeStation 10 and provides users with access to a sizable historical database for the purpose of backtesting various trading techniques.


Tradier is an intriguing piece of software since it provides brokerage account administration, a trading engine, and some market data. Customers may log in and trade using any of Tradier’s developer partners since account settings and market data are stored in the cloud and are accessible from anywhere. They also provide a version that can be downloaded and installed on your desktop.

Front-end designers can establish their own trading platforms, mobile applications, algorithmic trading systems, or other customized features for their customers by utilizing an application programming interface, or API. 

It is not a novel capability to be able to connect an online brokerage account to a third-party platform; quite a few of the brokers described above are also capable of doing so. However, Tradier is the first broker to make this capability the focal point of its business strategy.


ESignal is a well-established brand name in the field of technical analysis. The most recent version, eSignal 12, is a software package that can be downloaded and installed on a computer running Windows. 

It provides technical analysis studies, backtesting of trading methods, charting that can be customized, and data from worldwide exchanges.

Users have the ability to trade with dozens of different brokers, like Tradier and Interactive Brokers, by using API. The Classic edition, which has data that is delayed by 15 minutes and costs $56 per month, is the only one available. 

The Signature edition of this product costs $183 per month and operates on real-time data while providing a wide variety of additional capabilities. The Elite plan is available for a monthly fee of $378.


MetaStock, created in the late 1980s, is another veteran technical analysis participant. MetaStock R/T, which uses real-time trading data from your choice of exchanges, is particularly beneficial for regular traders.

It covers over 150 indicators and line studies, with indicator interpretations. The Indicator Builder enables advanced users to design custom indicators. You may backtest your own trading methods or use the existing ones.

MetaStock can recognize and analyse more than 30 candle patterns on a chart. Metastock R/T costs $100/month, plus data feeds. MetaStock links to broker APIs.


SlopeofHope was launched in 2005 and it’s a hub for trading ideas, charts, and technical analysis.

Free features, including a strong technical charting package, rival those of more premium services. SlopeRules allows you to develop and test a trading strategy using technical criteria. Drag and drop rules into a chart, test them, and then create an alert for when the circumstances are satisfied.

A simulated trading system with a $100,000 account helps you practice your trading skills. Options traders can obtain analytical tools.

Premium memberships range between $14.95–$79.95 per month which gives more data, options analysis, and trading suggestions.

SlopeofHope’s iOS and Android applications give access to all content and several website capabilities.


TC2000 was originally known as TeleChart. Version 20 features Windows, Mac, mobile, and web platforms, plus you can connect to Interactive Brokers. TC2000’s practice edition incorporates charting, stock and option screening, and trading.

To utilize the scanners, you’ll need a Gold or Platinum membership the prices range from $29.99 to $89.98 per month. Platinum subscriptions enable you to scan the market for specified circumstances on any date with accessible data to test a custom indication you’re constructing. Data feeds cost extra. 

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