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You don’t want to publish your article on your blog or any of the content pieces you’ve written simply to find out that the sentence structure or spelling was improper, do you? It is really frustrating, but an issue of this nature may be avoided if you are able to see the flaws in advance. A grammar checker is an ideal instrument for carrying out work of this nature.

There are a lot of different grammar checkers available nowadays; however, in this post, we will show you the top grammar checkers that will assist you in improving your writing and avoiding grammatical errors.

What is Grammar Software

A grammar checker is a piece of software that analyzes your work to determine whether or not it has correct punctuation, misspellings, grammatical errors, and problems with sentence structure. Some tools are considerably more advanced and can examine tone, style, and syntax to make certain that your work is error-free.

Words that are misspelt, subject-verb agreement, words that are frequently confused, repeated words, passive voice, and other types of errors can be found and corrected by using software that has built-in dictionaries, as well as artificial intelligence, natural language processing technology, and a number of different rules.

Users can submit text for the grammar software to verify by either typing it directly into the application, copying and pasting it from another location, or uploading a file. Some software comes with add-ons that can be installed in email clients, online browsers, and social media platforms. These add-ons allow the software to continually review what you write as you type it and offer changes and suggestions in real-time. Because different pieces of software for checking grammar have variable degrees of accuracy, many individuals employ many pieces of software in order to increase the number of faults that are uncovered. 

Benefits of Grammar Check Software

  • Improving the readability of literature in order to make it more appealing to the target audience
  • Making it possible for readers to concentrate on the content rather than becoming distracted by typos and other flaws in the text
  • Improving one’s command of the English language by paying attention to grammatical errors pointed up by others
  • Improving your writing abilities by analyzing your past writing and making changes based on what you’ve learned
  • Increasing your self-assurance as a writer and maybe furthering your profession with regularly well-written material can accomplish both of these goals.
  • Many programs that check grammar also function as translators, which allows non-native speakers to use these programs to ensure that they are writing correctly in a language that they are not yet completely fluent in.

Best Grammar Software

Now, let’s talk about the best grammar software and the features that set them apart from one another.


Grammarly, which provides real-time spelling and grammar checking to assist with writing improvement, is arguably the most well-known of all the grammar check software now available on the market. 

Users are able to define writing objectives for themselves, including specifics about the audience, emotion, intent, style, and domain of their writing in order to obtain insights that are based on these goals.

Its AI-powered writing helper and user-friendly design make it simple to use either online or as an add-on to popular apps such as Google Chrome, Gmail, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and Salesforce, amongst many others. 

Grammarly is also available as a desktop application for Mac and Windows computers, as well as an Android and iOS mobile application. Checkers for grammar, style, tone, and plagiarism are some examples of other valuable tools.

Grammarly provides a free version of their software that includes suggestions for basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A premium edition of the software is also available, which includes additional suggestions in addition to fluency, word choice, readability ratings, detection of plagiarism, formality level, and inclusive language. Its business edition comes with additional advantages.

It provides a free version that is limited to basic recommendations only. Grammarly’s premium editions begin at $29.95 a month, which is a pricy starting point in comparison to other solutions; however, the company offers significant discounts for users who pay quarterly and annually.

Ginger Software

Ginger Software is the industry leader when it comes to providing writing tools driven by AI. The clever grammar and spelling checker offered by Ginger is used each and every day by more than 10 million individuals all around the world. 

It is possible to enhance your writing styles as well as your spelling and grammar with only the touch of a button thanks to the AI-based sentence rephraser that this tool offers.

Browser add-ons, standalone tools for PC, iOS, and Android, as well as an application programming interface (API), are all ways in which Ginger technologies can be accessed. Everyone, even students and working professionals, will be able to write more quickly and precisely if they use this program.

Ginger offers a free version; however, there is a restriction of once per week that you may use it. When this limit is reached, it is necessary for users to manually modify their work rather than relying on the application to do it automatically. 

The standard monthly cost is $29.96, which is a hefty amount, however, there are savings of $12.48 monthly and $9.99 monthly available when paying annually or biennially, respectively.


The advantages of using a grammar checker, a style editor, and a writing coach are all rolled into one application called ProWritingAid.

It examines the text for clichés, repetition, imprecise terminology, redundancies, sentence length, passive voice, unnecessarily intricate sentences, over-dependence on adverbs, and other writing faults that influence the flow of the document, its correctness, and how easy it is to read.

The editing software included in the program makes hundreds of automated suggestions for style changes and corrects any faults found, thus preventing authors from having their reputation damaged as a result of typos in their spelling or grammar. I

In addition to that, it features a contextual thesaurus and a word explorer, both of which assist users in locating the ideal words while simultaneously learning, revising, and getting rid of poor habits and frequent errors.

ProWritingAid may be integrated with virtually any device, such as desktop applications for Windows and Mac, full integration with the entirety of the Microsoft Office Suite, and browser extensions for widely used web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

It offers a free version that is exclusively accessible online, in addition to two premium packages that may be purchased for additional functionality.

A free online version and a free trial period of 14 days are both available with ProWritingAid. In addition, there are two premium versions that may be purchased for more features. While the commercial editions allow for an endless number of entered words, the free version only allows for up to 500 at a time.

Additionally, Premium Plus subscriptions provide 50 unique plagiarism scans every year at no additional cost.


Checkers for grammar, spelling, style and punctuation are all included in WhiteSmoke’s all-inclusive writing tool for the English language. In addition to that, it has pre-built templates, and translators for more than 50 different languages, as well as both standard and bespoke dictionaries.

This program may be utilized in any text editor or web browser, and with the press of a button, it displays probable problems as well as suggestions for their correction. Documents written in English may be written, edited, and translated with its assistance, and it is useful for both native and non-native speakers of English.

This software makes use of Natural Language Processing in conjunction with artificial intelligence and advanced statistical algorithms in order to identify a larger variety of grammatical and phraseological mistakes.

WhiteSmoke provides users with a web-based solution, a premium desktop version, as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS. It utilizes a colour-coded error indicator system, with grammatical problems displayed in green, spelling errors displayed in red, and faults in punctuation and style displayed in blue.

Users are able to work anywhere because the application supports several platforms and can integrate with a variety of programs, including web browsers, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and other editing apps.

WhiteSmoke is compatible with all types of mobile and desktop devices, although the desktop version has a character count restriction. It provides a free demo as well as customizable pricing, with monthly, annual, and three-year payment choices for essential and premium services. The standard monthly annual rate of $5 is reduced to the more affordable rate of $3.47 when purchasing a three-year plan at the discounted price.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is not a spelling checker; rather, it focuses solely on correcting grammatical errors. It highlights problems using color coding, such as difficult-to-grasp sentences, passive voice, bad adverb selections, and intricate words and phrases. It works differently in that its purpose is to generate a clearer writing style, instead of focusing on precise punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Users are able to import from and export to Microsoft Word and other popular word processing applications using Hemingway Editor, which eliminates the need for copying and pasting text between programs. 

Additionally, users are given the ability to post their work immediately to Medium or WordPress with a single click. In addition to that, it offers formatting options and grades of readability for the content. 

It also provides a desktop version that can be downloaded and installed on your computer for usage anywhere in the world without the need for an active internet connection. 

Hemingway Editor is available in two forms: a free online version and a low-cost desktop version that may be purchased for a one-time charge rather than requiring a monthly membership. Desktop software often includes free upgrades whenever the developer publishes a new version of the software.

However, it does not have all of the functions that a full-featured grammar checker would have, and it does not have common features such as a spell checker. 


Linguix offers a writing assistant powered by AI that is capable of addressing thousands of grammatical errors, providing spelling and style recommendations, and suggesting repairs. Also, the tool helps in fixing 9 million of the most common typos and provides a built-in dictionary and thesaurus. 

Linguix comes with ideas for expanding one’s vocabulary, suggestions for finding synonyms for words, a tool called Writing Coach that facilitates individualized language learning, and over 20 essays and other content templates. 

Users are also granted access to a paraphrase engine and given the ability to make use of clever shortcuts in order to increase their productivity when inputting repeated information.

Users have the option of installing browser extensions for the most popular browsers, mobile applications for iOS and Android, online applications and desktop programs for Windows and Mac, as well as add-ins for Microsoft Office.

A free online version of Linguix is available, however, it has less functionality than the paid versions. There is also a premium edition available for a monthly subscription of $18.95; however, this price may be reduced to $12 per month when paying quarterly or $8 per month when paying yearly.


SpellCheckPlus is a spell checker that does an analysis of text in order to identify numerous issues. These faults can include difficulties with punctuation, space, words that sound the same, capitalization, and hundreds of other grammatical errors. In addition to this, it detects faults that are typically committed by those learning a second language.

To view errors that have been flagged, users need only to copy and paste their text into the main window of SpellCheckPlus or type text directly into the main window of SpellCheckPlus and click the Check Text button. Moving the cursor over errors provides relevant feedback in a popup box. At the bottom of the screen, it also displays a comprehensive breakdown of the faults that were found as well as a grammatical score.

SpellCheckPlus may be accessed from any computer, and it is capable of doing automatic software upgrades. There are versions of the content obtainable in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. The free version of SpellCheckPlus limits content to 500 words. SpellCheckPlus Pro, which costs $14.99 a year and includes numerous additional benefits, such as an ad-free experience, a full-screen editor, and text archiving, has no limit on the number of checks it can do.

SpellCheckPlus provides a trial that is only five days long, which is significantly shorter than the trials provided by many other paid options. However, the company also provides a free version of the software, albeit with some restrictions, as well as a low annual cost. On the other hand, it stores the text that is entered on its server for the purpose of academic research, which may present a security risk.


PaperRater is a software for checking grammar and spelling that is free to use and makes use of AI and data science to enhance writing. In addition, a paid edition of the software is available with additional capabilities. The user is not required to join, register in, or download anything in order to have their online inputs assessed in real-time, with findings appearing within seconds.

When doing automatic proofreading, the PaperRater program pays particular attention to the grammar and sentence structure. Other technologies include a detection system for plagiarism that also provides an originality score, a computerized grading system for essays that provides a ballpark estimate of the final mark as well as a vocabulary builder that gives terms with meanings and examples of how to use them in sentences.

Additionally, it offers feedback and writing instruction with various reporting and statistics, such as analysis of the beginnings of sentences, phrases to avoid, vocabulary usage, detection of passive voice, sentence length and variability, readability statistics, and length and variability of sentences. 

The free plans only give the most fundamental functional features, but the premium, ad-free subscriptions enable users to upload lengthier papers, improve plagiarism detection, and provide a variety of additional perks.

PaperRater provides savings for paying subscriptions on a yearly basis, lowering the monthly cost to $7.95. The free edition of the software restricts users to only five pages each submission, fifty submissions per month, and ten tests for plagiarism each and every month. The premium subscriptions, on the other hand, allow for 20 pages for every submission, 200 submissions per month, and 25 monthly plagiarism checks.

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