The Best Graphic Design Software

Your skill may be multiplied by an exponential amount if you use the appropriate tools, regardless of whether you are an amateur graphic designer or an expert digital artist. 

A well-designed piece of software for graphic design will have controls and flexibility that are simple to understand even for a novice user, but it will also include capabilities that are far more advanced for those who have more expertise.

Getting your hands dirty with different software tools and experimenting with them is the greatest approach to figure out which one would be the best fit for you. 

The features, convenience of use, performance, pricing, and availability of each piece of software are what differentiate them from one another. 

The following is a rundown of the best graphic design software that can be used for your task.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt the most well-known piece of software for graphic design, and it is utilized by millions of artists all over the world. This top-tier graphic design program may assist you in the production of a wide variety of designs, including logos, banners, and posters, in addition to websites. 

Adobe Photoshop provides tools for users at every level, allowing them to make everything from simple tweaks to complex creations. You are free to create or paint anything you like if you are someone who works with illustrative designs.

This program not only allows you to alter images, but it also allows you to create lifelike artwork and compositions. You have the ability to set the dimensions of your canvas, separate items from their backgrounds, make your own brushes, operate in 3D, and perform a great deal of other tasks.

Both Windows and Mac are supported.


Sketch is a graphic design application that is exclusive to the Mac platform and mostly focuses on digital design. Websites, applications, and user interfaces may all be built with the help of these digital designs. 

Unlike Photoshop, Sketch isn’t built for picture editing or print work. You and other designers will be able to work together on the Sketch platform to construct a prototype of your product using Sketch. The software contains an intelligent layout function that allows the component to automatically resize itself based on the content of the window. 

The program comes with hundreds of different plugins that you can be use to perform tasks such as vector editing and other forms of design work with an accuracy that is down to the pixel. Icons that are used digitally are another item that may be made with the help of this program. 

On the other hand, print design and illustration are not particularly well-suited to Sketch’s capabilities. You are welcome to go through the following post, which is all about the greatest alternatives to Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a piece of design software that focuses on vector graphics and illustration. As a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Illustrator may be obtained through a monthly subscription. 

You are able to produce artwork, icons, and posters with Adobe Illustrator, and the designs that you make may be utilized for a wide range of applications, from business cards to billboards and from smartphones to 8k displays. You may create something truly remarkable by drawing, combining, and refining designs with the help of this program. 

Adobe has released a mobile version of Illustrator called Adobe Illustrator Draw, which is widely considered to be among the top tools for graphic design.

You can sketch by using the shaper tool, which allows you to generate vector forms. In addition to being able to be moved, deformed, and scaled, geometric forms may be applied to other outlines. Even the fonts that are included in the program may be customized to meet your requirements by making adjustments to their weight, slant, or breadth.

For those just starting out, Adobe offers templates that have been carefully crafted by experienced designers. The application has a nice user interface, but there is a significant learning curve to climb in order to become proficient with illustrator.

Both Windows and Mac are supported.


Lunacy is a graphic program for UI, UX, and online design that is both free and incredibly quick. It goes above and beyond what you would expect to see in an app of this kind and has everything you would find there. When you use Lunacy, you will save a significant amount of the time that you would have spent searching the internet for visuals. 

The application itself has thousands of icons, graphics, and photographs that may be used in many ways. In addition to this, Lunacy is equipped with helpful AI-powered tools that may be used to automate mundane chores. These tools include a background remover, picture upscaler, avatar generator, and text generator.

Lunacy is not dependent on the internet like Figma is, and the majority of its functions may be used without an internet connection. It is also possible to collaborate with other designers through the internet, if that is more convenient for you. 

Lunacy is able to natively handle sketch files on all of the fundamental platforms, in contrast to Sketch, which can only be run on macOS. The user interface of the app is available in a total of 21 different languages.

Mac, Windows, and Linux are all supported platforms.

Mega Creator

An online do-it-yourself graphic editor known as Mega Creator allows users to construct engaging visuals by combining pre-made parts. It is a wonderful tool for online and mobile app designers, social media marketers, bloggers, copywriters, educators, and students, and anybody else who wants photographs that appear like they were taken by a professional in a short amount of time. 

Illustrations may be composed by personalizing any of the hundreds of available flat and 3D illustrations. Alternatively, you may create one-of-a-kind photographs by combining different backgrounds with images of people, animals, objects, and even artificial intelligence-generated faces.

You may also exercise your creative side by combining different photographs and graphics to make a stunning collage. If you are feeling uninspired, begin with some simple templates, and then modify them so much that they are unrecognizable. 

In addition, you are free to submit your own visuals and combine them with components selected from the Mega Creator’s portfolio at any time. There is no requirement for any specialized abilities.

Web Browser is the Platform

The Designer of Affinity

The Affinity Designer is a more affordable alternative to the Adobe Illustrator software, making it an excellent choice for someone who is just starting out in the design industry. 

The program is recognized for having a seamless operation, which may increase your workflow and make it easier for you to freely express your ideas. You will be able to watch the gradients, effects, and adjustments change live as you move and zoom your artwork at a frame rate of sixty frames per second. You may even alter curves and transformations.

You are able to work in either a vector or raster workspace while using Affinity Designer, and switching between the two is a simple process. This piece of software is compatible with any device, and it allows for the creation of an endless number of artboards within the program itself. 

Affinity Designer offers a graphic design program for the iPad that is identical to the desktop versions in terms of the functionality it includes. You have access to advanced color settings, giving you the option to work in either the RGB or LAB color spaces with up to 32 bits available for each channel. 

The application provides users with access to a comprehensive toolkit that may be utilized to reach a high degree of both accuracy and productivity in their work. You have complete control over the appearance of the grids and guides, including the ability to modify the spacing, sub-divisions, gutters, angles, and so on. 

If you zoom in on your artwork even more than a million times, you will still maintain floating-point precision while using Affinity Designer, which is another useful aspect of this sophisticated program.

Windows, iPad, and macOS are all supported platforms.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is yet another piece of design software produced by Adobe that may be utilized in the production of designs. Because you can use it to make magazines, info sheets, books, posters, interactive PDFs, brochures, and so on, this graphic design program is largely utilized in the publishing sector. 

You are able to modify the text of your document by using the ‘Change layout’ option that is provided by InDesign. The graphic will then update itself to reflect the new content.

The properties panel has been rethought to provide you with a control over the tools that are easier to understand and use. The Sensei technology is built into InDesign, and it is responsible for the automated scaling and layout of photos. 

This graphic design program has a short learning curve, making it easy for beginners to rapidly become proficient in its use. 

Adobe InCopy is a program that enables you to collaborate on the creation of a design with other people in your team. Sharing text, colors, and graphics with other users of Creative Cloud is made easier with the aid of the Libraries.

Both Windows and Mac are supported.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW was originally developed just for the Windows operating system, but it is now now accessible for Mac users. You have the ability to generate high-quality vector graphics with the help of this application for graphic design. 

There are strong design tools available that can help you work more quickly and intelligently. Whether you are working on print projects, designing websites, or creating logos, you will find a large number of choices for personalization. LiveSketch, a feature offered to users of CorelDRAW that translates the act of drawing into accurate vector curves, is now powered by AI technology. 

The suite includes both tools for graphic design and layout, so it may be used for either. Photo-Paint and Corel Font Manager are included for managing and modifying fonts and photos respectively.

The program provides you with online graphic tools and presets, allowing you to generate creative material for the web; moreover, it allows you to post straight into your WordPress site. Also impressive is the program’s compatibility with files; it can open more than one hundred different file types.

Both Windows and Mac are supported.

Xara Designer

The Xara Designer program can work with bitmaps as well as vectors. Desktop publishing, graphic design, artwork, and picture editing are only some of the tasks that may be performed with the application. 

You will have quick and easy access to getting started with the graphic design program thanks to its provision of hundreds of template layouts, design components, and over a million archive photographs. 

When you scale something that was drawn with vectors, including any form, lines, or curves, the quality of the artwork would not suffer in any way. 

You are free to make your own unique design components and include them into any of your projects. The program provides you with tools such as gradients, outlines, and transparency that you may use to give your artwork a unique touch.

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