A Comprehensive Review of the Best Project Management Software 2022


Project management software can be a beneficial tool for any team. Project managers organize tasks, coordinate departments, and monitor deadlines.

A successful project requires proper organization and effective collaboration between team members.

An effective project management app will enhance teamwork projects and communication among the various stakeholders by providing them with relevant information at any point in time while reducing unnecessary meetings.

Choosing the right project management software for your team can be challenging with so many options available.

This article covers everything you need to know about today’s best PM software. 

Read on to learn which program is right for your needs, and discover some pros and cons of each one so you can decide what software will work best for your team.

What is project management software?

Project management software helps teams organize their work and track deadlines.

They allow project managers to assign tasks, monitor progress, and collaborate with other team members.

The software tracks the project’s status, including tasks, subtasks, risks, and milestones. As a project manager, you can also assign tasks, customize features and change settings for each task.

These features enable project managers to view all the information in one place, so it’s easy to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Project management solution tools also include templates for different types of projects. You can use these templates to set up your system with customized views and settings.

The templates allow you to create new projects or copy existing projects without any extra effort. Features like these make project management software an effective tool for all types of teams.

What are The Benefits of Project Management Software?

  • Project management software will help you organize tasks and monitor deadlines.
  • It will also provide a visual representation of your project, which is beneficial when collaborating with different stakeholders.
  • Another advantage PM software provides is the ability to share information and learn more among team members.
  • If members need more information on a particular project, they can access the relevant data immediately to avoid unnecessary meetings.

It’s important to note that whether you handle complex or easy projects all types of project management tools provide these benefits. Many options are available for you and your team, so it’s up to you to determine what works best for your company.

Review of the best project management software of 2022

Here is our curated list of the best project management software: 

1. Asanabest project management software

Asana is a cloud-based project management tool. The software is an intuitive and collaborative platform that aids managers in project planning and enables them to assign tasks, share documents and manage the status of projects. 

It is also a collaboration tool that helps teams monitor the progress of their project, keep track of deadlines and organize their work within the system.

Asana has great task management features like “Agendas,” which help you stay organized and on task while meeting with your team. You can also create a team chat room where you and your team members can collaborate on projects.


2. Trello

Trello, Best Project Management Software

Trello has become the go-to best project management tool for many teams. It is one of the most popular free project management software on the market. 

Trello is an online tool that helps to organize projects by creating lists, cards, and boards to keep track of everything from assignments to deadlines. 

Trello also allows team members to share their tasks, check project progress and collaborate on different pieces of work.


3. Basecamp

Best Project Management Software

Basecamp is an easy-to-use, all-in-one project management software with a simple interface that allows users to create and manage projects easily.

 As a user, you can choose from various templates to get started on your project or customize them with your requirements.

 For example, you may want to use the “Projects” template, which includes tasks assigned to people, milestones, and reports. 

Another feature of this project management app is its real-time ability to collaborate with other members. This enables people to be more responsive as they will receive updates on the project progress of their tasks at any given time in real-time.

If someone changes something in one template while others are using it, they will be notified, so there are no conflicts in the process. 

The downside of Basecamp is that it has a limited number of templates, but it makes up for this with its simplicity and ease of use.


4. Wrike

Wrike Project Management Software

Wrike is one of the best project management tools that allow you to easily manage projects and generate reports.

It is ideal for teams of all sizes, even small businesses, since it has features that can be customized to suit any business. 

The software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, with mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices. Wrike allows you to create a file in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can also integrate Wrike and Google Sheet – try it out; it’s quite easy to use.

The main benefit of using Wrike is that it provides visibility into the project data without wasting time on reporting. With features like Wrike’s Gantt chart, you can customize what gets displayed to meet your specific needs and goals. 

Another benefit this project management features is that it provides flexibility when managing multiple projects simultaneously.

You can assign different tasks or collaborators to different projects, so you don’t have to worry about overlapping work on the same project. 

Wrike’s paid plan is also ideal for businesses of all sizes as it offers affordable monthly plans for small teams and enterprise plans for larger organizations


5. Smartsheet

Smartsheet Project Management Software

Smartsheet is a good project management platform that enables you to manage your projects from start to finish. 

With it, you can create tasks, set deadlines, complete recurring tasks, assign tasks to team members, and even monitor their progress.

There are templates available that can help you get started on projects. The software offers both an online and downloadable version, which is good for businesses that don’t have a lot of resources.


6. Click Up

Click-Up Project Management Software

With a wide range of features, it’s easy to see why ClickUp is a popular choice among business owners looking for project management software that can handle an array of tasks without crashing down under pressure.

In addition to its robust features and intuitive interface, ClickUp is also very affordable. Its simple paid plan makes it easier for businesses to maintain accurate records and keep costs under control.

And with no long-term contracts or hidden fees, you can easily try out this project management app risk-free before committing to it as your permanent solution.

Below are just some of the many features included in Click Up:

  • Workflow design-Make sure all your projects run smoothly by organizing workflow design into logical steps.
  • Customizable portfolio view-Keep everything is organized in one place on the customizable portfolio view.
  • Collaborative tool-Share your projects with teammates from across the globe with collaborative workflows and easily assign tasks using collaborative charts that allow you to keep track of progress on each task assigned.
  • Content approval -Make sure none of your content goes live without approval with automated content approval channels such as email, chat, and phone call resolution channels
  • Project Timesheets-Time each day against what was originally planned so you always know how much work was completed
  • Document Management-Keep all your project documentation in one place with document management features, including version control, text files, and images.


7. Monday

Monday Project Management Software

As a project manager, Monday is a project management software that enables you to manage tasks and projects with ease easily. 

This task management software can be accessed on the web or your mobile devices, giving you and your team access to important information anytime. 

It offers scheduling, tracking, budgeting, managing risk, reporting, and more tools. 

Another unique feature of Monday is its online collaboration platform. 

This platform allows you to share data across all users in real-time – no more waiting for files to upload! 

The software also includes email notifications and reports so users can stay up-to-date with their projects.

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage project data at work or home, Monday’s project management software might be perfect!


8. Hive

Best Project Management Software

Hive is a comprehensive project management solution that emphasizes simplicity and usability.

This intuitive drag-and-drop app allows you to manage projects of all shapes and sizes, big or small. 

With Hive, your team can have a full overview of easy projects and difficult projects to ensure they’re on track to meet deadlines and deliverables.

It also helps your team learn more and stay in sync with their work, so they know what their teammates are up to.


9. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project management and collaboration software for project planning in both small and large businesses. 

With Zoho Project, a project manager can manage projects from start to finish, collaborate on multiple projects with team members, assign tasks and milestones, and easily share documents. 

It also has a powerful visual interface that makes it easy to create and maintain documents. 

Another popular feature of the Zoho Project is its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This makes it simple for anyone who has never used this software to navigate the program without trouble. 

Another great feature of Zoho Projects is that it is completely cloud-based. The company doesn’t store any data on these, instead, everything is stored in the cloud, so there’s no need to worry about security.


10. StartInfinity

Click-Up Project Management Software


StartInfinity is one of the best project management software options on the market. 

The software makes it easy to combine recurring tasks with personal or work activities, saving you time by eliminating the need to switch between different tools to share information. 

It also allows you to assign tasks and responsibilities with clarity by linking projects with people, groups, or departments. 

In addition, StartInfinity’s integrated analytics provide an in-depth look into how your company is performing and what areas could use improvement.

This will help you improve productivity and make more informed decisions about changes you should implement for better results. 

Another unique feature of StartInfinity is its integrations with other popular apps like Salesforce, Google Drive, Google sheet, Slack, and more!

With these integrations, you’ll see progress on multiple projects at once without jumping between different tools or websites.


11. Kintone

Best Project Management Software

Kintone is software that helps businesses manage their projects more effectively.

The software offers a variety of features, such as project management, time tracking, and communication tools. It is available in both desktop and cloud versions.

Kintone is a user-friendly software business owner of all levels of experience.

The software’s pricing is affordable and provides great value for money. Kintone offers a single pricing plan that includes all of its features.

This makes it easy to compare with other tools and choose the best option for teamwork projects.

Its interface is easy to use, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes. Plus, the software offers a range of essential features for businesses of all types. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, Kintone has something to offer you.


12. Slack

Project Management Software

Slack Project Management software can be a lifesaver for busy professionals.

Slack offers a comprehensive solution that allows users to manage unlimited projects, communicate with team members, and track progress from a single page or dashboard.

The software has various features like channels, slack connect, messaging, accessibility, connecting to third parties apps, handles & clips that make it easy to navigate and use, making it an excellent choice for busy professionals.


13. Scoro

Best Project Management Software

Project management can be time-consuming and challenging, so many businesses turn to Scoro to help them manage projects successfully. With its comprehensive project management solution, Scoro offers everything from projects & tasks to contact management and quotes. Additionally, team collaboration and billing are included to keep your team organized and on track while completing your project. 

And with its reporting capabilities, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your project’s progress. Whether you’re just getting started with project management or looking for a more comprehensive solution, Scoro is a perfect choice.

This tool is special because it helps you to streamline your entire work progress. Everything important about your project data is stored in one central place, so you don’t need to use different tools for every task. This makes Scoro a great choice for busy professionals who want to finish their work quickly and efficiently.


14. ProofHub 

Best Project Management Software

ProofHub is a platform that offers a variety of pricing and options to fit any budget.

 ProofHub has been designed to be user-friendly, making navigating and managing your projects easy. 

The platform replaces traditional email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. ProofHub also offers a range of features such as project tracking, notifications, collaboration tools, and more.


15. Podio


Podio is a versatile online hub that can be customized to fit the needs of any business. It provides an easy-to-use interface with many pricing options, allowing businesses to find the right solution for their needs. You can also check out their free plan together with your team.

Podio’s workflows feature, you could instruct your app to create a task or comment only if a certain condition is met. This functionality can be incredibly helpful when building complex workflows, and Podio makes it easy to start.


16. Workzone

Best Project Management Software

It provides an overview of all the campaigns and projects that agency employees are working on, as well as the results of each one.

Workzone also offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that helps agencies and creative teams get visibility into all of their work. 

Whether you’re looking to track which campaigns are performing well or identify opportunities for improvement, Workzone has the tools you need to make informed decisions. 

With its intuitive design and wide range of features, Workzone is the perfect solution for busy agencies looking to stay on top of their game.


17. Notion

Best Project Management Software

Notion provides a workspace where employees can collaborate, make personal milestones, and store their belongings.

The notion is a popular online platform that offers a variety of tools to help teams stay organized and productive. One workspace aids in team collaboration; team members can share documents and work together in one place. 

The platform also has features like live chat and a shared calendar that make communication and coordination easier.


18. Nutcache

Best Project Management Software

It is designed for small teams who bill their clients on a project basis. Nutcache makes it easy to keep track of your work and billing cycles, making it a valuable tool for managing projects.

Nutcache’s drag-and-drop interface makes creating and managing projects easy, and its invoicing capabilities make billing straightforward.

Some of the features included in Nutcache are project budgets, resource management, milestone tracking, chat support, and email notifications. With Nutcache, team members can stay organized and keep track of their work while billing their clients accurately.


19. Worktec

The work platform is resource management that offers integrated email marketing and lead management tools and a robust social media integration that allows businesses to share information with their customers and employees in real-time. With its easy-to-use interface and a broad range of features,

WORKetc is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses improve efficiency and manage their operations more effectively. It offers a variety of pricing and options tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. The platform is easy to use and can be accessed from any device, making it ideal for busy professionals who want to improve their efficiency and manage their operations more effectively.


20. Cage

Best Project Management Software

Cage is an online platform for people to share ideas and feedback and access resources that can help them get their projects done.

This means that everyone on the team can be kept up-to-date with what’s happening, and they can quickly access unlimited projects and any relevant information they need to work on the project effectively.

Additionally, Cage offers customizable pricing options that allow you to get the best deal for what you need. You can check out their free plan before you decide to stay connected with them fully.

This means you can always access the best tools and support available, no matter how much money you’re willing to spend.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your team’s collaboration skills, look no further than Cage!

Features to Look for in a Good Project Management Software

When shopping for good project management software, there are several features you should consider. These include assigning tasks, collaborating with colleagues and clients, creating detailed reports, and integrating with other software.

Other features that can be important include the ability to track KPIs, manage projects efficiently, and integrate with CRM software.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Project Management Software

When choosing software for your business, you’ll have to consider the following six factors:

– The software should have a user-friendly interface and be easy to use.

– It should offer great reporting features and searchable analytics.

– It must integrate with other tools for efficient project management.

– It must offer the ability to track KPIs and provide metrics reports.

– The pricing plan should be flexible and reliable.

– And it should offer support that’s helpful and effective.

Final Thoughts

Project management is a task that can be overwhelming for anyone. 

The complexity of managing a team, the need to coordinate different departments, and the desire to get things done efficiently all make up an overwhelming challenge for most people. But project management is essential for any business that plans to operate on a larger scale. 

That’s why it’s so important for every business to have an effective system in place. 

Without reliable software, it will be difficult – if not impossible – to track KPIs and other metrics, manage projects efficiently, and assign tasks and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Project Management Software

1. What is the easiest project management software?

Many different project management software options are available, but some of the easiest to use include Microsoft Project and Google Drive. 

Both software platforms offer templates that make it easy to get started, and both platforms offer features like deadlines and tracking progress. 

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive platform, tools like Trello or Asana may be better options.

2. Do you need project management software?

Project management software can be extremely helpful for businesses of all sizes. 

Some benefits of using project management software include better communication, tracking and monitoring of projects, and easier collaboration among team members. 

If you’re unsure whether you need project management software, speak with your business advisors to see if it would benefit your organization.

3. What is the most commonly used project management tool?

Various project management tools are available on the market, but the most commonly used tool is probably Microsoft Project.

It’s a good option if you’re familiar with it or have access to a dedicated project management software suite. Other popular options include Google Sheets and Trello.

4. What is the best Project management software for small businesses

Project management software is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. 

It can help you track and manage projects from start to finish, ensuring that you meet your deadlines and expectations. 

There are many different options available, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Some key factors include price, features, accessibility, and compatibility. Once you’ve determined which software is right for you, please take advantage of its features and pricing options to get the most out of it.

5. What is the affordable project management software

When it comes to affordable project management software, there are a few options to choose from. 

One popular option is ClickUp, which is available for desktop and mobile devices. In addition to its affordability, ClickUp offers a wide range of features, including task tracking and communication tools. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option with many features, then ClickUp may be the perfect solution.

6. How can you decide what software is best for managing your team’s workflow?

There is a lot of different project management software available on the market, but it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. One important factor to consider is the ease of use. Some software programs are more complicated to learn than others, so if you’re unfamiliar with computer programming, it might be a good idea to look for a more user-friendly program. Another thing to consider is price. Some of the more expensive project management software packages offer features that may be worth the investment, such as team collaboration or tracking progress over time. So before making your purchase, think about what you need from a project management tool and compare prices based on those needs.

With the above review, deciding on a project management software that suits your business/team’s needs and budget should be easier.

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