Best Streaming Software

The very best free streaming software is ideal for artists who are working with a limited budget. The best streaming software will help you stand out from the crowd by enabling you to add branded watermarks and streamlined audio mixes to high-resolution video streams, thereby giving your creations a seriously polished professional appearance.

However, it is not always simple to determine which streaming software is the most suitable for you. The market for streaming services is rapidly expanding, and as a result, consumers now have a wide variety of options to select from. These options all make similar claims about facilitating access, enhancing performance, and reducing the amount of time required for initial setup.

As a result, there are a few essential aspects to think about while selecting the free program that will provide the finest streaming experience.

We have evaluated the best and useful free software tools for streaming media. Read on.

Best Streaming Software

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a cross-platform streaming program that may be used on Windows computers, Mac computers, and Linux computers. Whether you are broadcasting live or recording for later publication, it provides you with a number of tools that will assist you in producing a high-quality experience for your audience.

It is organized around scenarios, which you can customize by selecting different input sources such as a microphone, webcam, watermarks, images and videos. You are able to go from one scene to the next with relative ease, and the tool will even make transitions for you automatically.

Although it has a lot of wonderful versatility, it isn’t the most user pleasant piece of software for new beginners, though it is the most robust and feature-rich free screen recorder and streaming application currently available especially for gamers, with all of the components necessary to produce results that are of a professional standard. It is possible that it may take some time for beginners to become accustomed to its user interface, but the time spent doing so will be well worth it.

 When considering setting up your streaming studio, you should give some thought to using OBS Studio because it is free. It is possible that you may realize that you adore the things that you are able to achieve with it. 

Nvidia Shadowplay

Nvidia Shadowplay is one of the greatest free streaming software programs for you to use if all you want to do is play games, streamline your live events or even record your teaching tutorials.

Due to the fact that it comes packaged with GeForce graphics cards, it’s possible that you’ve previously used it. It also has a significant benefit over the majority of streaming software in that it encrypts data using the graphics processing unit (GPU) rather than the central processing unit (CPU), which means that it has almost no effect on overall performance.

Shadowplay, on the other hand, has a lot less adaptability than OBS Studio, since it is without any overlays or scenes produced from several sources.

Because of this, it is an excellent choice for individuals who merely want to broadcast gaming; it does its job quite well. If you want to develop something that is more complex, then you should consider using OBS Studio. This is especially true when you consider the fact that you can configure the leading streaming tool to use Nvidia’s NVENC encoding.

The video recording and screen grab tools that come along with Shadowplay are top-notch, but the application’s streaming capabilities leave more to be desired.

Xsplit Gamecaster

It’s important to note that Xsplit Gamecaster is not comparable to other free streaming applications. It is a free version of Xsplit Broadcaster, however it has less features than the paid version.

And as a result, Gamecaster now has a more streamlined appearance while also benefiting from premium online assistance. As a kind of compensation, a few of the functions are hidden behind a paywall. Therefore, it is good free streaming software for basic streams; nevertheless, because it is free, there are certain limits associated with it.

Gamecaster provides a simpler and more simplified user interface in comparison to the premium version. Xsplit is simple to use, and the fact that it supports streaming to Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook. Simply start your broadcast, then bring up the overlay by pressing a keyboard shortcut, and you’ll be ready to start broadcasting.

The most significant disadvantage is that streams with a resolution of 720p or higher will always include an Xsplit watermark. This is not the best option if you want your broadcast to have a professional appearance.

In spite of the fact that they are included in many of the top free streaming software applications, more sophisticated facilities, such as chroma keying , in-game Twitch chat, console compatibility through a capture card, and custom logos, require a payment in order to use them.

Lightstream Studio

After getting the browser-based Lightstream Studio up and running, you will have the ability to build an endless number of projects, scenes, and layouts to which you may add sources such as text, photos, webcams, and video clips. Stream live on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch, or to a location of your choosing via RTMP. In addition, third-party connections are available for adding motion graphics, accumulating comments, and providing in-stream warnings.

Lightstream Studio allows guest hosting, which means that you may invite up to seven people to your live stream, arrange them on screen in any way you like, transfer them between the live stream and a green room, and give them the ability to share their screen.

Using the Lightstream mobile app, you can also control your stream remotely. This gives you the ability to start and stop streaming as well as move between different scenes.

This software has two streaming plans. The Creator plan provides greater production control, including layouts, mixing, and switching, whilst the Gamer plan is better suited for streaming games from consoles like Xbox and PlayStation as well as mobile devices. 

The titles of the two plans give you a good idea of what each plan is best for. The price tag will be determined by the streaming resolution that you desire, with the Gamer plan costing as little as $7 per month and the Creator plan costing as much as $40 per month. 

There is an option for a free trial that lasts for seven days and includes access to all of the features.Lightstream is a good solution for mobile users who want to stream games, talk shows and podcasts, virtual events, and musical performances.


Since Restream is a streaming application that runs in the browser, there is no need to download or install any other software.

The capability to simultaneously play several streams is the app’s most notable selling point. Through the use of Restream, you will have the ability to concurrently broadcast live to over 30 social sites, some of which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and YouTube.

Streaming capabilities include layout presets, choices for customizing the company logo and brand, video clip playing, user-defined backdrop settings, scheduling and streaming of pre-recorded video, complete analytics, and monitoring of stream health. 

The chat overlay technology enables easy comment aggregation across networks, allowing you to see and respond to remarks from different streaming sites on a single screen.

You are able to invite as many as ten distant users to join your broadcast, and you may give them permission to share their screens.

The most basic plan, which includes the Restream watermark, costs nothing, while the Standard plan costs $16 per month, the Professional plan costs $41 per month, the Premium plan costs $83 per month, and the Business plan costs $249 per month. 

Those who are just getting their feet wet in the streaming world may find success with the service Restream. Even with the free edition, you can accomplish a lot thanks to its user-friendly interface, which will assist you in setting up your first stream and delivering it to the appropriate platform. When it comes to more professional productions, the application Restream can be a useful tool for multistreaming to a number of different platforms all at once.

How to Choose the Best Streaming Software

Begin by considering the content that you intend to stream while selecting the free streaming software that will work best for you. OBS Studio, Xsplit Gamecaster, and Nvidia Shadowplay are just some of the top streaming applications in the market today. 

Following that, select the quantity of output that you desire. Shadowplay is an excellent tool for just getting your gamestream up and running, but it is missing a significant deal of additional functionality. While OBS Studio may produce excellent results, it does so at the expense of a more difficult learning curve. If you want your streams to be flamboyant and captivating, you will quickly outgrow streaming software that is more fundamental.

Be honest about your experience level. If you have never used free streaming software before, I recommend starting with a straightforward application such as Streamlabs OBS. It provides a solid introduction to streaming and covers the fundamentals, allowing you to become proficient with more complex technologies.


In conclusion, adopt a subjective stance. Choose the streaming software that seems most natural to you, the one that corresponds most closely to the way your own individual creativity flows.

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