Best Video Editing Software

Looking for the finest video editing software?

The search for the perfect instrument may be hair-pulling and mind-boggling, given that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of alternatives available, all of which promise outstanding results.

What is the solution? This straightforward overview compares and contrasts both free and premium YouTube video editing applications. In addition, we’ve compiled seven easy yet effective YouTube video editing recommendations to help you get off on the right foot.

So without further ado, let’s assist you in locating the ideal video editor for your channel.

Best Video Editing Software

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

You have access to over eight million stock images, videos, and audio samples from iStock and Shutterstock. In actuality, these are all (often) updated monthly, as are the pricier versions’ features.

Utilize many workstation settings, including auto mode, storyboard mode, and slideshow creation. Using the Picture in Picture (PiP) editing tool, which divides the movie into multiple grids, you may independently edit each grid.

You may also quickly incorporate altered photos, photographs, and animated visuals into your video creations.

However, if the start menu has too many application icons, you may become overwhelmed. In addition, you must download and reload the program in order to move from the free trial to a premium subscription.

Regarding this, bear in mind that all the benefits and features highlighted thus far are exclusive to the premium version. PowerDirector Essential, the free version, offers restricted capabilities. In addition, all altered films are watermarked.

Overall, the pricing is comparable to that of Adobe and other software programs. However, if you are a newbie seeking simple editing capabilities, it is not worth the money. According to reviews, if you have an entry-level device, installation and rendering might be sluggish.


Veed’s noteworthy features include a video frame speed converter, a video cutter, a video splitter, video joiners, as well as video effects and filters.

You can also generate GIFs from your YouTube videos, which is useful for establishing your personal brand and promoting your videos on social media.

VEED also supports collaboration on video production, allowing you to join teammates and modify YouTube videos collaboratively for optimal results.

In addition, the brand kit allows you to add your own fonts, colors, logo, and watermarks. Thus, all of your videos (and other projects) will have the same brand aspects. This not only helps you build a strong brand identity, but also saves you time editing.

Additionally, the customer care crew is well-liked by its patrons.

Each Veed function is structured in an easy-to-understand manner on the website, which includes an extensive knowledge base and video tutorials that demonstrate how to edit YouTube videos using their software. This significantly reduces the learning curve.

The bulk of these functions are available with the free account, so long as you don’t mind the little VEED logo in the corner.

Additionally, the free account includes two hours of automated translations, 20 GB of storage, and an infinite number of projects. You may upload files up to 50 MB in size and produce 720p films.

To remove the watermark and have access to HD resolution and unlimited uploads, however, you must start with a subscription account, which is reasonably priced in comparison to other excellent video editing tools on our list.

This resource does not have a mobile application.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is one of the finest video editing programs for YouTube, featuring an unmatched set of capabilities for producing videos for the web, film, and television.

It provides a plethora of video editing tools, such as HDR support, free stock video, graphics, music, a captioning tool, and an auto reframe tool, to enable you create films of cinematic quality.

Using all of these editing tools requires time and an extensive grasp of the software, especially for individuals who have never used an Adobe application before. Certain video editing techniques necessitate the use of extra applications, such as Adobe After Effects.

In addition, the frequent crashes disqualify it for usage on low-end PCs. At least a few times each month, all reviewers allege that the application crashes or freezes their computer.

Regarding device compatibility, the software operates on:

  • Windows 10, at least version 1803
  • Mac OS version 10.14 or later

The 7-day free trial provides you a sample of all the capabilities, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of the tool’s potential.

The monthly subscription will spare you from having to make a significant upfront payment. Alternatively, the prepaid yearly contract offers a lower monthly rate of $19.99 per month as opposed to $20.99 per month (annual, paid monthly package).

Final Cut Pro X

In addition to a variety of transition effects, text tools, and color tools, Final Cut Pro X provides an array of transition effects. You may simply test over 100 audio effects, transitions, title presets, and customized visual effects, for example.

Most importantly, the Magnetic Timeline function automatically joins together distinct video and audio clips, requiring you to merely zoom in and add the clip appropriately. This makes it a useful tool for YouTube creators who work with a large number of short audio and video snippets.

However, the cost is a disadvantage. The 90-day free trial, however, allows you to experiment with the product, giving you ample time to determine whether buying in it is worthwhile.


The Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is accessible to all users, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It offers simple but fundamental video editing tools, making it ideal for YouTube beginners seeking an easy-to-use tool with no sophisticated editing options.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to understand and utilize. In addition, it includes a plethora of materials, including animated components, title graphics, background tracks, stock music, transitions, etc.

All templates, especially those with intricate designs, are editable, which facilitates the modifying process.

Additional notable video editing features include:

  • Color grading
  • Enhanced text formatting
  • Pan and zoom motions
  • Video stabilization (so you can get rid of camera shake effects)
  • Adjustment of frame rate to reverse, accelerate, and decelerate video playback.

The software also has a Magnetic Timeline, which allows you to drag a video clip into the timeline and have it connect immediately and automatically, leaving no vacant space.

There are small variations between the Windows and Mac versions of this video editing program, but they are largely identical. For example, the macOS version includes Auto Reframe, a function offered by the Mac video editing application Final Cut Pro. The function allows you to crop broad footage to match the dimensions of social network video postings.

The tool’s pricing is also inexpensive, since it may be purchased on a one-time, monthly, or annual basis. However, prices vary for individuals, corporations, and educators.

However, if you’re searching for the finest video editing software for YouTube without a watermark, Filmora is not the ideal option, as all films created with the free version have the Filmora logo. You can only remove it by purchasing a premium edition of Filmora.

In addition to the watermark worry, critics have issues with transitions. Some claim there are insufficient alternatives, while others claim the produced video’s final transition is incorrect. So keep this in mind when you decide to get Filmora for your YouTube video editing.


The drag-and-drop interface of this YouTube video editing program makes it very simple to use, despite the fact that it takes some time to master.

The software makes it simple to cut and edit video clips, add royalty-free material, and create text effects with animation. There are also hundreds of 2D and 3D games available. Additionally, Lightworks integrates with Pond5 to provide access to stock video and audio.

However, the majority of the useful features, such as transitions, presets, title text, etc., are exclusive to the Pro Lightworks package.

And while YouTube producers may experiment with video editing in the free edition, you will encounter limitations when exporting your work. What’s the reason? The free option does not permit HD exporting; only 720p exports are permitted. This implies that you cannot export your altered clip to YouTube in 720p.

After a pricey upgrade, though, you can access extensive project sharing options, the Boris Graffiti plug-in for creating engaging titles, and timeline rendering, among other pro-level capabilities.

Lightworks does not provide the opportunity to export videos in a format suited for social media outlets.

If you are solely interested in making YouTube material, this would not be an issue. If you wish to promote your YouTube video by sharing snippets or behind-the-scenes footage on other channels, you will find the absence of this tool inexplicable.

In conclusion, Lightworks is worth a shot if you want to improve your video editing abilities. To export the work in various formats and resolutions, however, you will need to upgrade.

Pinnacle Studio

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of Pinnacle Studio makes it simple to use. Additionally, there is an abundance of help information accessible to instruct you on how to use the features.

This video editing software has Magnetic Timeline, which snaps video clips into position as they are edited. However, you may disable it if you so want.

Pinnacle Studio includes the following important video editing features:

  • Video masking
  • Color selection and color-grading
  • Construct photo and video slideshows.
  • Cut, trim, divide, and join video files
  • Create motion in photographs by panning and zooming
  • Join footage from many cameras (up to 6 cameras in the Ultimate Studio package)

However, not all of these and additional effects are included in the Studio bundle. In actuality, only Pinnacle Studio Ultimate allows for 360-degree editing and 4K footage. Video masking and color grading are also included.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to sample the Ultimate package, as the 30-day trial edition only allows you to try select features.

For example, screen recording software is not included in the trial version. Similarly, fewer video filters, titles, effects, and templates are available. All video outputs are likewise watermarked; only a complete purchase may remove the watermark.

Installing and using the free trial requires Windows 10 with 2 GB of HDD space, 4 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i3 processor or above. This can be restrictive in several ways. For instance, you may need additional room to utilize this application, since some reviewers have complained that the program requires excessive space and loading time.

Each higher-tier bundle comes with more advanced features, resulting in a price hike. Studio has simple color grading, Studio Plus gives basic color grading, and Studio Ultimate offers comprehensive color grading.

To restate, tools like video masking and 360-degree editing are exclusive to the Ultimate package.

Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush was originally Adobe’s first mobile-only video editing application; it now also has a desktop version.

The purpose of the app, as its name suggests, is to promote quick and simple editing so that producers may film, edit, and publish using only one app. This publish-on-the-go goal is supported by the software’s streamlined interface and procedure.

Are you unsure about the distinction between Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush? Premiere Pro is the industry-standard application for editing cinema-quality video for online, film, and television. Premiere Rush, on the other hand, is designed for novice social media posters and vloggers and offers speedy video editing.

Consequently, Adobe Premiere Rush does not offer extensive features. Instead, several critical editing functions, like green screen, are unavailable to YouTubers. Also limited are transitions, effects, and royalty-free audio samples.

You may, however, utilize it for simple editing tasks such as altering color, speed, titles, and music. Additionally, social sharing is possible within the app. Simply said, the app is among the finest mobile video editing software for YouTube.

The free subscription includes 2 GB of cloud storage, an unlimited number of exports using the mobile app, and up to three exports via the desktop application.

By upgrading to a monthly membership, you have access to project synchronization across desktop and mobile devices, unlimited desktop exports, and 100 GB of cloud storage.


This free YouTube editing app for Apple users supports 4K video and covers all fundamental video editing functions.

Using iMovie, one can:

  • Trim video clips
  • Adjust video speed
  • Integrate smooth transitions
  • Add video titles, effects, and music
  • Enjoy 13 artistic, high-fidelity filters

You may experiment with altering audio, fading it, selecting background music from 80 soundtracks, and recording a narration for your material while editing the audio of your video.

Also available for experimentation is the green-screen effect. However, if you’re searching for advanced video editing tools such as 3D editing, 360-degree video editing, and motion tracking, iMovie may not be able to assist.

Other than that, there is no support for many environments and devices.

iMovie is a handy video editor for Mac users who are new to editing YouTube videos despite its restricted capability.


This free editing program is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux, unlike iMovie.

However, it is not as user-friendly. Even though it is designed for beginning video editors, there is a high learning curve, and reviewers have complained that the lessons are difficult to follow.

In addition, it may take some effort to locate crucial elements such as the green screen effect. In addition, the lack of paperwork offers little assistance.

Despite this, Shotcut offers support for many formats and 4K quality, which are significant advantages for a free video editing program.

With this tool, you may cut, rotate, apply effects and filters, adjust the level, and add audio to your movies.

However, transitions are restricted, as are advanced editing options such as 3D video editing.


ByteDance, the developers of TikTok, have developed Capcut, a 15-minute movie editor.

Time-saving video editing templates and simple-to-access video editing tools make the app’s video editing capabilities largely intuitive.

Video editing capabilities include:

  • 3D zoom
  • Framework and tracking
  • Automatic production of captions
  • Transitions, overlays, and effects

The Body Effects function allows you to apply emojis to the subject’s head. In addition, you can simply rearrange video clips, cut and trim them, modify their color and brightness, and add text while doing so.

If you prefer editing videos in a TikTok-style, you may utilize the ShortCut option in CapCut. This allows you to import media from your phone’s gallery. The function then proposes templates that alter the video’s tempo, soundtrack, and transitions.

You may not only choose from royalty-free music in the CapCut catalog, but also record your own audio.

All of this demonstrates that this free video editing program is primarily intended for TikTok makers, as opposed to YouTubers. This is further demonstrated by the fact that it cannot be used to edit videos longer than 15 minutes.

Therefore, it is optimal for simple video editing of vertical content such as Stories for social media platforms such as YouTube.


Each of the video editing programs that were discussed offers capabilities that are exclusive to itself. Whether you require complex video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro depends on whether you want to edit videos for personal or professional use. Tools such as capcut come highly recommended by us if you are seeking for something straightforward and free to use.

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