Breeze vs Church Helper: Which Is The Better Choice For Your Needs?

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Church leaders around the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of church management software. As such, many leaders encounter the need to choose between two top software: Breeze vs Church Helper.

Both software continues to improve churches upon churches by providing simple yet powerful features that make your job easier. From streamlined communication within the congregation to accounting integration, attendance tracking, and the like—you’ll find a variety of features provided by either software that will be beneficial for your church.

They work quite similarly, so you’ll only need either of the two to take your church to the next level. It all depends on which software will be the better choice for your church’s needs. So, let us help you decide through this guide. We’ll compare the features, differences, and similarities between Breeze ChMS vs Church Helper.

The ultimate goal is to help you make an informed decision on which church management software is the better choice for your needs. In case you’re in a hurry, here are the key differences at a glance.

Breeze vs Church Helper Comparison: Key Differences

Breeze vs Church Helper Key Differences

The following are the critical differences between Breeze ChMS and Church Helper:

  • Breeze ChMS has a dedicated mobile app available on iPhone mobile and Android mobile (Linux mobile is not supported as of writing); while for Church Helper, a dedicated mobile app is an incoming feature.
  • Church Helper offers streaming capabilities while Breeze does not.
  • Built-in accounting is available on Church Helper but not in Breeze.
  • Breeze provides automated administrative tasks but Church Helper does not.
  • With Breeze, you’ll have access to their customer support through phone and email; with Church Helper, you can contact customer support through chat and email.
  • To access all features, Breeze is priced at a flat-rate of $67 per month while Church Helper is at $20 per month.

What Is Breeze?

Breeze vs Church Helper - What Is Breeze?

Breeze ChMS is a powerful and intuitive church management software designed to help churches save time, reduce frustration, and accomplish goals. It aims to support your church and make your job easier through all the features Breeze offers.

It’s no wonder more than 9,000 churches use Breeze as their church management software. With their focus on small to mid-sized churches, all the features they offer are devoid of the complexity common to software catering to bigger churches.

One of the key features of Breeze is organizing the people in your church. You can add an unlimited number of people to the software without the need to pay more. Through custom fields, you can store and filter any data you’d like.

Messaging individuals and groups is quick and easy through Breeze, as you can schedule messages, group people based on any criteria, and automatically add or remove people from groups. Collectively, these tools allow for this software to also be a church community builder.

Other helpful features provided by Breeze include donations management, events management, reporting, and data import. User reviews for this software often rave about the user-friendly functionality of all the features it offers.

If immediate access to a dedicated mobile app is most important for you in church management software, Breeze will be the better choice. Not only is this web-based desktop software accessible through the church Windows desktop, Mac desktop, or Linux desktop. You can also access the Breeze app on the iPhone mobile and Android mobile.

What Is Church Helper?

Breeze vs Church Helper - What Is Church Helper

Church Helper is one of the most affordable options for church management software that comes with a wealth of features. The main goal is to help small churches grow by providing an easy-to-use and affordable solution, so church leaders can focus on what matters the most—caring for their congregation and community.

Whatever your church size though, you’ll appreciate all the features offered by Church Helper. It’s easy to see why Church Helper has increasingly become the leading church management platform with the amount of functionality for a cheaper price it offers.

Similar to Breeze, Church Helper offers tools to help manage people in your congregation, communicate with individuals and groups, track donations, manage events, generate reports, and import data.

A recently added feature of Church Helper is the streaming capability. Typical customers now find it easier to host online webinars; documentation videos for online events are also quicker to produce.

Currently, Church Helper doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, but it is in the works. More information on the future mobile app and features will be released via their website and social media page.

If your church is just starting or has a limited budget allotted for acquiring managing software, Church Helper will be the better choice for you. Though currently unavailable as a mobile app, this web-based desktop software can still be accessed through the church Windows desktop, Mac desktop, or Linux desktop.

In-Depth Evaluation: Breeze vs Church Helper

Breeze vs Church Helper can seem too close to call in the church management software category. But let’s take a closer look at their various characteristics before calling it quits.

A lot of commonalities exist between Breeze and Church Helper. Let’s go through the core features they offer that appeal to specific clients.

Organizing People

Breeze ChMS

Organizing People - Breeze

At the forefront of the features Breeze offers is member management. You can quickly look up people in your congregation using the various, people-centric tools offered by Breeze.

Add an unlimited number of people.Unlike other church management solutions, Breeze doesn’t limit the number of people you can add to the software. You can have anywhere between 500 to 400,000 people and the price you pay won’t change. You can also store and filter by any information.Custom fields dedicated to members you’ll add allows for quickly storing and filtering any information. Dedicated ministry, baptism date, spiritual gifts—you can add anything you like to store and filter on.

Email and text people and groups.Accessible communication is key to making this software a helpful church community builder. You’ll not need a separate messaging software when you have Breeze. Quickly compose any message and send it to individuals or groups, no chat training is necessary.

Church Helper

Organizing People - Church Helper

Similarly, Church Helper’s core feature is user management. This software makes it easy to manage all members of your congregation using intuitive tools.

As a software solution primarily dedicated to helping small churches grow, Church Helper grows alongside your church, without the need for greater investment. It’s more scalable than other software solutions for a much lower cost. This software also allows you to search intelligently, add, amend, and remove people from your contacts. You can also create custom tags for quicker data retrieval and grouping.

Church Helper recognizes the ability to easily communicate with individual users and groups as a core tool to manage volunteers and other key personnel in your church. As such, you can be certain that sending messages to your contacts will be quick and easy—simple enough to not need any previous chat training.

Managing Events

Breeze ChMS

Managing Events - Breeze

Managing your church’s events will be easier than ever with Breeze. This software acts as an all-in-one place for all the essentials when it comes to managing events.

Breeze will show you all the events you have planned—when and where it happens. You’ll be notified when you have two events scheduled at the same place and time. Having adult and child check-in for events,allows you to keep track of who is where and when at a glance. You can use any gadget accessible to you to check in adults and children into services and events.

Through the messaging feature, you can easily schedule or invite volunteers to serve at events. Automate email and text reminders to make sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time. Take all the stress of having people sign up (and pay) by making custom registration forms for your events. You can store and use these forms at a later time using Breeze.

Church Helper

Managing Events - Church Helper

Church Helper offers a space to manage your church’s events. It acts as a planning centre, where all the info and actions you need to take are all at your fingertips. If you’re a complete novice when it comes to events, you’ll feel like a pro in no time as this software makes planning and holding events as easy as pie.

Fundraising, weddings, funerals—you name it, Church Helper has you covered. You’ll have all your events listed and organized for reviewing through this software. Also, through Church Helper, you can link all relevant contacts and groups for each event you have planned. Send out a mass email to key personnel in a few simple steps.

This effective church management software allows you to record all key information for every event. Having all the info you need allows you to monitor the performance and interaction of events, which is vital when planning budgets and forecasting revenue. See who’s present at all times during your events with Church Helper’s convenient adult and child check-in tool. This also allows for a quick generation of attendance reports for every event.

Through the streaming capability of this software, you can hold online events that every member can attend in the comfort of their own homes (or whichever location they prefer). Apart from holding events like online webinars, documentation videos

Tracking Donations

Breeze ChMS

Tracking Donations - Breeze

Through the pledge management feature, whether given online or IRL, you can track all donations with just a few simple steps. You can view each donor and their gifts and offer options for online giving and text giving. You can also email or print beautiful year-end giving statements for easy presentation.

Church Helper

Similarly, tracking donors and their donations are made easy by Church Helper’s pledge management feature. You can also provide them with an option for online giving and text giving. Creating bespoke reports is made easy by the accounting integration—attendance and donations made at events and worship services are made easier to be presented.


Breeze ChMS

Pricing - Breeze

Breeze offers all their features for a flat rate of $67 per month. This includes free data import from your previous management solution. A free demo is available before you commit to the flat rate.

Church Helper

Pricing - Church Helper

Church Helper is one of the—if not the—most affordable options out there for church management software. At $20 per month, you’ll have access to all the features you’ll need to grow your church. A 3-month free trial is available before you commit to the flat rate.

Final Thoughts

Having an intuitive and effective church management software can be the change your church needs to propel it towards success. With that, deciding on whether Breeze or Church helper is the right software for you is pivotal for this success.

If immediate access to a dedicated mobile app (available on iPhone mobile and Android mobile) is important to you, Breeze ChMS will be the better choice. If you have a stricter budget and require integrated streaming tools, Church Helper will be best for you.

Always consider your specific needs and capabilities when choosing between the two. Hopefully, the comparison we made in this discussion aided you greatly in deciding.

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